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Can someone refer me to a good electrician?

Hello all, I am looking for a good, fair electrician to hook up 2 of the 4 hvac units for the Portside Arts Center. Do you know anyone? Please asap

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Electrician Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good local electrician? I have some small work I'd like to get done in the next week or so. Thanks!

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Tutor needed, Electrician-geared

Looking for a tutor for an electrician-in-training... courses dealing with AC/DC Theory, house wiring, commericial/residential blueprints, code, circuits, etc.

Compensation to be determined. Weeknights/evenings, weekends would be ideal.

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Electricians available... no job too small!

Looking for any size household/commercial side jobs... local licensed electricians. References are available upon request. We will beat any price estimate, guaranteed! (215) 739-5972 or e-mail here or at .

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Electrician needed

Is anyone able to recommend an electrician that actually has a brain and knows what they are doing?

If it's not too much perhaps they can show up when they say, do the job right and offer a fair price.


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Electrician Taxation without Representation

Here's a quote i got:

bathroom outlet: 300
bedroom outlet: 150
bedroom 2 outlet: 125
move two ceiling lights to center of room: 200
outside flood light: 300

This is the second quote I've gotten with similar price.

Is this normal? Seems a bit high to me...

If so, I might pursue a career as an electrician....

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Do NOT trust 'Affordable Electric'!

My story:

I had Affordable Electric over on Friday, July 29, 2005, to do some work. Due to a mistake of mine, it turned out to be a much bigger job than I originally realized. I paid the $65 service fee without having any work done. During the conversation I was told that if I chose to have them back to do the bigger job they would:
1) credit the $65 toward the bigger job
2) include installing a single GFCI outlet in my kitchen
3) include checking a "legacy" switch for safety
4) inlcude troubleshooting why my exterior outlets were not working

During this time period I heard the person back at the office speaking to the employee over the cell phone. He said something that was not true about his original conversation with me. I was foolish and figured he had merely accidently misstated something. AFter all, I had already admitted that the mixup was my fault.

They gave me a quote which seemed quite reasonable, and the guys who were on site seemed pretty good, so I called back later that afternoon and scheduled them to do the work on Tuesday, August 2, 2005.

On Tuesday a different group of workers showed up. The guy in charge refused to credit the $65 from the first call, saying they were two different calls. (Well, duh.) He refused to be bound by the word of the employee who had visited previously. Wanting to get the work done, I gave in and paid to have them do the work. However, before I did, I asked him regarding the three things that I had been promised before (numbers 2 to 4 on the list above). He told me they would all be taken care of after the big job was completed.
This guy left before the work was completed. When the workers finished the big job, I asked them to do the 3 things I had now been promised twice would be included in the work. They said they had to call the supervisor guy. I listened as he lied and told the employee that he had told me there would be an extra charge. I had them leave, because I didn't want my anger at their managers to be inflicted upon them.

So, there you have it...
One promise made and broken, and I was cheated out of $65.
Two lies were told by management to employees about conversations
Three promises were made by two different people and not fulfilled!

I will testify the above is true and factual, in an affadavit or in a court of law.

Oh, and here's something I noticed this evening:
their website says they're members of the Better Business Bureau.
However, the Better Business Bureau's website says they're not.

I suppose it could just be a 'misunderstanding', but it sure seems in line with my experiences today.

If anyone from Affordable Electric would like to contact me about correcting these problems, I would be happy to talk to them. Your employees were courteous and seem to have done a good job. Your prices seem reasonable. Why ruin it with dishonesty and bad customer relations?

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Permit for Electrical work?


My husband and I recently moved into Fishtown and need to have some electrical work completed. We have hired an electrician to complete the project for us. Is there a procedure that must be followed before and/or after the project is competed (i.e. permit)?

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice,


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electrician needed