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Group meeting to bring food co-op to Fishtown/Kensington

We goofed and forgot to put this in the Star, but I met up with the folks organizing this last week. It's a nice coalition of people who seem pretty serious about bringing a real brick-and-mortar food co-op to our neighborhoods.


By Brian Rademaekers
Star Staff Writer

It started last June with residents at the East Kensington Neighbors Association discussing what type of development they could support to create a tighter sense of community in the neighborhood.
The answer they arrived at was a community-owned food co-op that would make fresh, healthy food more available in the neighborhood.
That mission has since spilled over the East Kensington borders, reaching into Fishtown, Port Richmond, and various parts of Kensington, and a serious grassroots effort is under way to make the vision a reality.
A new group, unrelated to EKNA, has yet to land on an official name. Founding members have established a Web site and meet about three times a month. Various committees feature about 25 residents, and an e-mail chain reaches about 150 subscribers.
This Sunday, March 1, the group will meet at the Philadelphia Brewing Company on Amber Street to host an orientation meeting. The gathering is for residents who are interested in learning what the group has achieved so far and to solicit help from those interested in joining committees.
Jeff Carpineta, a Dauphin Street resident and founding member of the effort, stressed that while the group got its start in East Kensington, the co-op is open to residents from all neighborhoods.
Similar groups have formed in other parts of the city, with Mount Airy’s Weavers Way co-op being one of the best known.
While there are a number of variations, most food cooperatives are nonprofit, and work by allowing members of a community to purchase food in bulk through a community-owned store.
Members in the Kensington group expressed interest in providing better access to organic food and other organic products.
The group’s next initiative will be to develop a survey for surrounding neighborhoods that will help guide the direction of the co-op. Volunteers are needed to assist in the survey.
Residents who are interested in learning more about the formation of a local co-op are invited to attend this Sunday’s meeting at the Philadelphia Brewing Company, located at 2439 Amber St, one block west of Frankford Avenue.
The meeting will begin at 2 p.m.
For more information on the Kensington community food co-op, call (215) 423-1476 or write to .

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Fishtown Neighbors Association on Facebook

If you live in Fishtown and would like to keep up on FNA stuff, check us out on Facebook, here is the link:

For more information about the FNA, check it out:

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Staff changes at library

Why is the Free Library now requiring that there be 4 staff people at each branch to be open? Could it be that they hope to wear people down?

Donna Marie

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Brag about your organization!

There are plenty of great organizations in the neighborhood -

Choose the one (or one of the ones) you are proudest to be a part of and brag about the good things that it does!

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Board Nominations for the Friends of Penn Treaty Park

The Friends of Penn Treaty Park will hold their Board Elections January 5th 2009. The board consists of 12 members, of which there are 3 positions up for election. If you are interested in being nominated to serve a one year term to help guide the organization through some exciting new program development, please email your contact information and a brief paragraph describing your background by to:

Stay tuned for announcements of general elections as well as monthly general membership meetings and other events.

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Fishtown Library

Attended the rally It was great to see so many people our to support our Library. They mentioned signing up to assist with future events but I could not locate anyone to do so with, does anyone know who I can contact to volunteer?

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The Fishtown Effect: Part Deux

Fishtown Comes Through
Thought they wouldn't vote for a black guy?
by Isaiah Thompson
Published: November 5, 2008

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Philly Tree contact?

Does anyone have any contact information for whoever coordinates the tree plantings? We're signed up to receive a tree in November, but they came and cut the sidewalk while we were away one day and it's about a foot away from the stairs of our house. Combined with the narrowness of the sidewalks it will be a real pain for anyone walking down the street to get around the tree once it's there. I believe Katie emailed the address, but either it was unresponsive or they forwarded it to someone else who has been unresponsive & I'd really like to know if we can get it moved a bit if possible.

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Who Likes Marketing, Communicating & Penn Treaty Park?

You do?

Well, you're in luck. The Friends of Penn Treaty Park group is forming a Marketing and Communications Committee, and we could really use your help.

This committee will focus on efforts to improve communications with individuals and community groups who have an interest in and want to support and improve the Park. This includes increasing membership and ensuring community participation in the process to create a master plan for the Park. Some of the goals of this committee will include an improved website, a regular newsletter, and support of events in the Park.

If you would like to volunteer to join this effort, a planning meeting will be held on Monday, October 13th at 6:30pm at 1210 Marlbought Street (yellow house). No promises, but there may be chocolate chip cookies.

Please e-mail Eric with any questions - If enough people get involved, the ghost of Billy Penn said he just might lift his curse in time for the World Series.

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Am I too late to apply for tree planting?

I downloaded the form - but have lost it. I can't seem to locate the post either?? Does anyone know if I am too late to apply for a tree?