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Milk prices drop in PA

I noticed just yesterday the prices have dropped. For good and bad. However, I'm not quite sure why 'extra milk' is a problem...just make more cheese. :dontknow: (yes, simplification, but still, cheese is how you store milk for years).


It does a body good, but milk isn't doing that great for the farmer's wallet.

The state milk marketing board — the organization that develops the formula for retail and wholesale milk prices — has lowered the market price for the white stuff.

That's good for the consumer, but it's giving dairy farmers something to cry over, figuratively speaking.

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Fishtown Beer Runners - Dark Horse Cafe

We run tonight to the Dark Horse Cafe.

It is about 3 miles. Longer distance runner can go farther. Beer Runner Lite runners/walkers will go direct. The are several people who run/walk so don't worry if you can't run the whole distance.

We leave from 2346 E. Susquehanna at 7:00 PM sharp.

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YMCA Columbia North Review

We joined the YMCA last week and are really enjoying it. It is only $44 a month for a full family membership. I enjoy swimming regularly and there full length pool is really nice and clean! I belonged to Bally's for a while, use to go to the one in the NE, it was always dirty and people were just regularly rude.

My only complaint is that the fitness room with the equipment is a bit cramped with little to no space to stretch out in, but other than that, all of there equipment is really new and nice. Everything is a lot cleaner than most gyms in the city.

Not one person has been rude or snotty. Actually the kids who go there for sports are very well behaved and usually holding doors for people.

We started our son in swim lessons this week, and it's been a lot of fun.

I had a hard time finding a gym where I could work out, do some cardio in the area that wasn't piggy bank breaking, that was clean and friendly. So I was really happy to discover the Y being so great, cheap. They also have a child watch program in the day-care center, so if you want to work out and drop the kids off for the hour it's only 2 bucks per kid.

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Friday Weight Loss Thread

Unfortunately I plateaued this week.
But I'm back on board and hope to have good numbers next week!

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This Week's Wellness Thread...

...will be moving.

If you would like to discuss health and wellness, or talk about your weekly weight loss, or just get some support, please join (it's free and it's awesome!!!), and become a member of the Spark Team.

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to know more about how to find the team and join. My username on Spark People is the same as it is here, so you can also send me a message via that site.

NHB and I can both attest to the awesomeness of the site. You can track nutrition and can even add foods that aren't already in their huge database. It's extremely user friendly, and always has helpful informational articles and stuff. Come check it out.

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Kid Friendly Eye Doctor.

Can someone please help me out here, I am looking for a kid friendly eye doctor for my daughter. I would like for it to be in the hood or atleast a lil close to the hood. I tried calling willseye and for some reason they just don't return my phone calls. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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Friday Wellness Thread - February 13, 2009

So I lost a little bit of weight this week (1 lb), but I'm most proud of my re-dedication to the gym. I did two-a-days three times, this week! The owner of my gym has started teaching this fabulous half hour class that is fast paced intervals that combine aerobic exercise and strength it's been easy to do that during lunch and then come back after work for a full workout. She says she's based it on the increasingly popular P90 workout that's advertised all over TV...she is all about that workout, so if anyone is looking for a kick-butt home workout to try, that's the one!

But that totally was not my topic for this week. I recently joined, since it offered better options than my old calorie/fitness tracker ( They have a great selection of articles and this one caught my eye, this morning...

It's all about the difference in fitness levels between city dwellers and non-city dwellers. We tend to walk more than folks who live in more rural areas, but we also eat out more and get less rest, which studies say is important for overall health, not to mention weight loss.

So this week's question is: what are YOUR pros and cons for living in a city, when it comes to your health and wellness?

For me, a con is the fact that I actually walk less, here, than I did in New York, for a variety of reasons. In the last year, I've made an effort to turn it into a pro and walk more, when it's nice out. I've even walked all the way home from my office at 17th and Arch, a few times!

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Wellness Thread - Friday, February 6

Let's not even talk about weight-loss, this week, scale actually got up off the floor and smacked me in the head, V8 commercial-style, this morning.

So I took a class at my gym, the other day, for the first time. I mean, I've taken other classes there, but it was my first time with this instructor. She was older, I'd heard her class was kinda lame...but it was the only one that fit my schedule that day. She came in with an 80s style workout getup and proceeded to lead us through a Jane Fonda style aerobic routine. Wow...flash back, much?

It got me thinking about all of the exercise products that have been sold to us over the years. Any children of the 80s on here who remember Get in Shape Girl? I had the hand weights (which didn't really weigh anything) and the jump rope set. The tapes were precious. What about the bow flex? The Tony Little Gazelle? The thigh master, or whatever it was called?

So the question of the week: have you ever bought an exercise product, and if so, did it help you? DVDs and videos don't necessarily count...but I am guilty of owning a few Tae Bo videos, in my day. That Billy Blanks is a nut job!