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Garbage Fee

How do people feel about the garbage fee? What about those that put out 1 bag versus 5 bags. What is your impression of this new "fee?" Don't we pay enough for everything. What happens when a landlord doesn't pay? They don't pick up the garbage? I mean, is the city going to send a list around with the garbage men on who should be picked up and who not, and what about those that add garbage to someone who does pay? What happens then? Let me know your thoughts.

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BB Gun shots by the cemetery.

My boyfriend parks his car on the west side of the cemetery because there is never any parking by our house (palmer and belgrade). Well I guess some kids where messing around with BB Gun last night and the back window of my boyfriends car got shot out by a BB gun pellet.

He said it looks like it was not intentional.

I want to know where the parents of these kids are, I see teenage boys and girls walking all over the neighborhood at odd times (mostly at night 10-11pm). These kids are no more than 13 years old. They are making a lot of noise, banging on stop signs, jumping the fence into the cemetery at night. Isn't there a juvenile curfew in this city?

So be careful of unruly children with BB guns.

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Annoying Daily Wake Up Call

To the person who, each and every morning between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., lets their yappy little dog outside in the vicinity of Cedar and Cumberland, lets it bark non-stop for 5 minutes, then goes back inside....CUT IT THE HECK OUT! By the time I get out there to find out who this person is, they are back in their home! And I know I am not imagining it!

How incredibly rude and annoying that is! Please understand that I am not the only one complaining...I have heard it from not only my neighbors on my block, but neighbors a block away. If you continue doing this, you may find a flash mob like the one Jeffro talked about gathering on your doorstep! (Kidding, but still...!) PLEASE DISCONTINUE THIS BEHAVIOR!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Sleepless on Cumberland

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Dearest Neighbors

As more and more cars come into the area it is important that we park with care.
It is unfair to park in the center of 2 spaces.

It is rude, destructive and a financial burden to park on someones sidewalk, as they are responsible for the upkeep.

May I suggest ... If you are not all that good at city parking, you get some empty boxes and practice in a parking lot. It will be a benefit to both you and everyone else.

To the person with the NJ tags .. who has been parked across the crosswalk for 2 weeks
It is time to move your vehicle. It is dangerous. This is an area where children walk to and from the parks, playgrounds and schools. People with strollers and shopping carts are have a difficult and dangerous crossing.

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Clear you sidwalks

I am always surprised by how many people don't clear their sidewalks of snow and ice. yesterday, as I was walking to my father's, I noticed that at least 7 sidewalks on the south side of the 2400 block Sargent were icy. So folks, please remember that if you live there it's your responsiblity.

Donna Marie

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It's not the Amish Kid or the Giant Prarie Dog this time...

It's a water leak. The house between PhillyKip and I has a HUGE water leak again - filling their basement with water. We called the water company and they will be turning the water off from street level since no one can access the house. The problem remains however with the water that will be left standing in the home after the water is turned off. We left messages for the owner but it doesn't matter. She will do nothing. If the water is left mold will form and all kinds of other problems making the possibility of her cleaning this wreck up almost nill! I know it is her responsibility, but if the owner is paying the taxes, etc., what can you do to make someone pay attention to their property?

She is letting this house absolutely go to ruin. Broken windows, overgrown yard (in the spring/summer as you all remember) and no matter how many times we call, email, fax, etc. nothing gets done. I have called and faxed to her place of business (a daycare in the Northeast) and nothing is getting done. What kind of recourse do we have? L & I has been contacted so many time over the years - the only thing they did was get me in contact with someone who will clean the yard (which caused our home to become INFESTED with fleas - horrible). We cannot afford a lawyer and I will not spend any more money on a house that is not even ours. And there is about 5 inches of mail in their entryway and I KNOW that lots of that mail is ours and PhillyKips. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any advice?

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Could your dog be Sick ?

Covered in blood

In front of my home

There is a dog deposit about 3 to 4 inches in size.

You know who you are ... as, it is the same spot it always is.

If you allowed the animal you have taken in to care for drop it's excrement on Marlborough Street this morning (Sunday 1/19/09)

Please come back and pick it up and take the "sample" and the dog to the Vet.

If you know any one who has a small to medium size dog and lives near Marlborough and Belgrade, please, mention this post.

The blood is VERY obvious in the dusting of snow.

Other dogs and lots of children walk and play in this area, year round.

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Hey you guys,
I'm sure this is kind of a repetitive question however, I was wondering who you call when someone is dumping trash all over the street. I'm a renter and apparently there is work being done on a building (warehouse?) a couple of houses away from me. My roommate came home and told me that the men working on this building had a flat bed truck filled with untied trash bags full of trash, and the trash was blowing in the wind all over our sidewalk. I'm not sure confronting these men directly is a good idea. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Fishtown post office

I know that this problem is not unique to the Fishtown post office because I encountered the same thing in my old neighborhood. but why is there only ever one person working the window when there always seems to be a line of about 20 people deep, all the way to the door. meanwhile I notice that about half the people in line are merely waiting to buy a stamp. meanwhile, the stamp dispensing machine located by the front door NEVER is working, as a matter of fact, it's never even turned on! but merely getting that machine working it would make the post office that much more efficient, not to mention cut back on labor costs.

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What's the number one thing you would change about our neighborhood?

You have the power to make one change to better our neighborhoo. What is it?