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Car breakin....If anyone finds...

Hi all. This is from a fellow Fishtowner that asked me to repost...

Let the folks on know that b/t 3:00 and 4:15 on Tues 2/17 my car was broken into on 224 East Girard Avenue (in front of Ekta). Although I do know that leaving my backpack under the center console was not the smartest place for it, I thought that right in front of a restaurant and dentist office would be safe (lesson learned). A checkbook, military id (w/ SSN), spare car key, medical / dental cards, possibly $3.00 in loose change. If anyone finds a dark green Jansport backpack (loose change may have been stolen and the bag just ditched in an abandoned lot) please call 215-459-6899.

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Robberies around Center City

The Philadelphia Police Department has advised that there have been 17 hold-ups that they are aware of in this area. All of the hold-ups have occurred from 17th to 22nd Streets and from Walnut to the Parkway. They have all been in parking lots when people are walking to their vehicles alone and all have been at gunpoint. The latest one occurred last week in the lot on 19th Street between Cherry and Arch.

Please be aware that the victims have been both male and female and have been alone when confronted. Most of the hold-ups occurred after 6:00 PM, but two were in the afternoon. We advise that you try to walk in pairs or groups if possible when coming or going from the office. As always, be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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Scum Bag Judge

I hope that judge from the 35th needs a cop soon and no one helps him . I hope those cops make his life miserable from now on . Every Court room that is within a district has the same memorial and he is the only one to have a problem with it . I wish something bad happens to this a hole

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Another Cop KILLED

A 35th district officer was killed @ Broad and Olney he was a rookie .

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My friend was walking home just in the past 5 minutes and a group of 4 boys jumped him on Marlborough between girard and thompson - luckily he got away although he was hurt pretty bad. if anyone sees them please try to get an id - apparently they were last seen going up thompson street.

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Open Air Drug Dealing......what to do?

I have on video at least 10 deals that have gone on in the last week in the area between the Triple Shot Tavern ( Letterly and Cedar ) and the 2400 blocks of Cumberland and Letterly Sts. This guy isn't even trying to hide anything at all. The cars double park out front and enter his home as well. I also have all the tags of the buyers on video as well.

Any suggestions? Should I keep taping ? Go to police with tape? I have friends that are high up in the narc division as well and they are going to help me out.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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Idiot kids breaking windows

So a few of my block's finest just broke a couple of windows in the abandoned house next to mine. Up until now, it's been empty but pretty secure-apparently the owner is an investor waiting to sell. He doesn't live around here and I've never met him. Thanks to these kids, the front (street facing) window and basement windows are busted. Considering the number of junkies we have, I'd rather close up these portals rather than give them an opportunity. My question is - who can I report this to to compel the owners to fix it? My husband will board it up- but I don't want us to get in trouble or be liable.

And, sigh, before anyone asks, I didn't call the copsbecause i've seen what happens to my neighbors who do.

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Riding the El Safely.

It never fails to amaze me how we tend to let our guard down. Coming home tonight a young(ish) woman was sitting on the El near the 1 person 'handicapped' spot as we pulled into 11th street. She was listening to her iPod tuned out from the world, I was standing in the SG side exit area, just behind the divider where the handicapped seat is.

I didn't see the snatch, but I did see the run. Unfortunately, the way the kid who stole her iPod right off the top of her purse, it looked like one of those 'tap on the shoulder, heya, gotta run' sorta hellos you give people you know when you're in a rush. I was busy looking to see who was getting on, so just saw the gross motion in my (poor, male) peripheral vision.

Anyway, after the kid got off the el, she calmly (resignedly) took out her ear buds and confirmed to the woman across from her the kid just stole her iPod. I suppose it was caused by shock, but a simple 'Hey!' in a alarmed (not a friendly) way probably would have kept her her iPod. The odd motion already had me leaning forward and the punk had to stutter stop on the way out because people getting on. There was a second when i was ready to check him into the divider (for no other reason than the motion triggered a defensive response in me) but the victim just sat there not saying anything.

So, more out of frustration than any expectation that anyone here needs unsolicited advice, I'd thought I'd point out that 1) pay attention and keep hold of your belongings on public transit and 2) scream bloody murder if you are victimized.

The young(ish) woman did get off the El at 8th street to call 911 and report the crime. well, supposedly she was. She didn't want to but the women sitting around her kept telling her to "else they'll never put enough cops on the el".

Anyway, be careful out there.

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Mugging 1-17-09

I thought taking a cab was a safe way of getting home late night, until I was shown the false security of my assumptions this past Friday. Around 2AM, 01-17-09 on E Hagert Street between Tulip and Memphis I was dropped off by a Liberty Taxi in front of my house and as soon as I was out of the car the driver took off. A dark sedan (I think it was black and a newer model) driven by 3-4 young men dressed in dark hoodies had been lurching behind the cab. One of them jumped out of the car, attacked me, struck me in the face and threw me to the ground for my handbag before getting back into the car and driving off. I have filed a police report, yet I am doubtful there is any chance of restitution. I am fairly certain the perpetrators were merely after whatever cash I may have had, and may have discarded the rest of my belongings. I was carrying a large leather black bag (my Christmas present no less!) the contents of which included an iPhone (long gone I'm sure), my wallet, some makeup, hat and gloves, a copy of Alice in Wonderland, a paycheck, and sadly my keys which I hadn't even had time to take out before the hit. If by any chance anyone happens upon one of these items, their retrieval would make my day!
I want to feel safe where I live, and these guys took that from me too. I hope I was the only victim of their violence that night, but once a mugger always a mugger, and these guys may crop up around Fishtown again. If you are traveling alone late at night ALWAYS MAKE YOUR CAB DRIVER WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE IN!!

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2 Pups Stolen From Del Co Shop