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Berks + Girard lot

I know this has been previously discussed - But, what can be done about the empty lot at Berks + Girard. I know there were issues with designs to build a condo there - instead, it has become a dumping ground, next to a day care + three doors down from the police station. It disgusts me -Nothing says, 'Welcome to Fishtown' like a trash strewn empty lot! What can be done about getting this lot cleaned up?? Thanks!

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Looks like our Library and all others are safe for the immediate future!!
Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this happen!!!

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Moyer Street has water again!

Good news (and bad). The homes on the 400 block of Moyer Street now have water again. The Water Department (PWD) dug up the street and found not one but two water mains that had been breached and then burst. The laterals are fine. We are really lucky that the street itself had not caved in previously . . . when the PWD broke the asphalt, it was like a cave, no soil or ANYTHING else underneath.

And as if the parking wasn't already bad enough on the street, the PWD has placed cement barriers to block off sections of parking while they work on the street. And we shouldn't look for it to be finished until at least May! Considering how long the same block of Flora has been blocked off . . . UGH!

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Help needed for a family who lost their house in a fire

This is from a woman in my church: My sister works with a woman who's house burnt down last night. They lost everything. She has twin boys who wear size eight pants and medium shirts, a girl who wears size 12 pants, large shirt and a baby boy in a size twenty-four month clothes wearing size four diaper. Can anyone help? Let me know if you have any of these items to donate and I will arrange to get them picked up.
Fran Stepnowski

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Fletcher and Ceder sts

Any thoughts on this area? Anyone?? I'm purchasing a house around that area soon and wanna hear everyones thoughts thanks! Crime, drugs, safety?

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Fishtown Librarian transfered (DISGRACEFUL)

The city in its usual, "I'll get even mentallity" has decided to transfer the head librarian out of the Fishtown branch. This group has completely turned the library around. Maybe that is the reason. The city does not condone any one running a top notch operation. But my guess is it is a spite kind of thing. Fishtown was the most vocal about the shutdown so the Childish management of the library will get even. Ashame that people that are there to run our city are so petty.
Also no full time replacement is planned. Guess they still plan to close it. Note to management, check your history your not the first to try and close our library and you won't be the last. And we all know how these battles have turn out.

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Amish people

Seems like these "holy rollers" just keep taking our jobs. Did anyone see the commercial for the Amish fireplaces? My cousin used to work at a fireplace company, until he got laid off in October. That Amish factory seems to be thriving, heck, they have funds to advertise on primetime tv. Just sayin........

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Preliminary Injunction Halting Library Closures Granted!!!

"Judge Fox granted the preliminary injunction halting library closures and reportedly said that we are a strong city, will get through this budget crisis, and that the City must follow the law."

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City council files library lawsuit

Three council members go to court over library closings
Council members Bill Green, Jannie Blackwell and Jack Kelly have just filed an emergency petition seeking to prevent Mayor Nutter from closing 11 branch libraries without council's approval. A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Monday morning.

Click here for's politics page.

Emergency Petition Papers

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Library closing court hearing

Lawsuit filed- Hearing Set- Monday, 10AM
A lawsuit was filed in Common Pleas Court this afternoon which orders and decrees Mayor Michael Nutter, the City, the Library and its board to hold off on library branch closures.

The hearing will be held on Monday, at 10AM.

More details on the grounds for suit soon, but the next move is now the city's.