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DNA in 1980

Sombody posted this picture of me from my high school years. I'd never seen it before. I know what you're saying, "Gee, Dave you haven't changed a bit."

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Scholarships for young females in 9-12

Passed along verbatim by my friends at the 26th PDAC:


Young ladies living in Philadelphia, in grades 9-12, from a single
parent home.
The Ellis Trust still has a large pot of money to spend on young ladies
in grades 9 - 12. They can give up to $6,500 per student, per year
towards educational assistance.

They give money for:
* special school supplies such as graphing calculators, lab equipment,
books, etc.
* tutoring (must be recommended by counselor)
* college visits- group and individual
* sports equipment and team participation fees
* music, dance, theater and art lessons
* college courses
* after-school programs
* $100 toward senior dues
* college application fees
* ACT/SAT's and transcript fees
* CSS Profile for financial aid
* TOEFL and transcript fees

This is also a great opportunity for young ladies who may have wanted to
participate in a summer program, but didn't have the funds to do it. If
you know of anyone who may be interested please help them complete the
application at:

Despite 'Public School' being splashed all over the place, they also provide for those going to tuition based schools.

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Trumpet Needed!

My son attends Frankford Friends, a small school with an excellent music program. They have recorders in 3rd grade and strings in 4th-6th, and a jazz group for middle school. Most of the instruments are donated. The teacher is looking for a trumpet for a middle school student to use this year -- if you have an old trumpet knocking around your attic or closet, why not give it to a school where it would be used? If you have one, please PM me or email Diane Blum at .


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School 'uniform shocker

I enrolled my munchkin in First Philadelphia Charter for Literacy....
I just got her uniform list and realized that JUST TO DRESS HER is going to cost us more than a buck!
Monogrammed gym shorts, sweats, t shirts sweat shirts, summer shirts, winter shirts...
then the other things
winter shoes, summer shoes, plaid jumper, peter pan collared shirts...
Most of this stuff is required to be bought from Flynn and OHara... nothing cheaper than 15 WITHOUT the monnogram..
Anyone have any tips on how to save a buck with this? Her Catholic school uniform didnt cost this much!!!!

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Philadelphia Public Schools Closing

Philadelphia Public schools are closing @ noon today June 9, 2008.

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Looking for parents of special education students and advocates!!

Subject: [asaphilly] Fwd: North Region families and advocates sought!

Hello everyone,,

We are trying to reach parents of special education students and
advocates in the North Region of the School District of Philadelphia.
At the end of my e-mail I've listed what school are currently in this
region. When the new CEO takes over there may be additions, which
may include additions from EMO or restructured schools and more. The
region can meet with everyone at the North regional office at Grover
Washington or at the education center at 440 N broad, day or evening.
They are trying to find out a good date, I have suggested they meet
before school ends for the year, as parents can often get out while
their children are in school.

The region has developed a special education plan for the area and
would like family and advocate input.

If you could refer any such family to my e-mail at crocmei11@gmail. com
or call our hotline at 215-400-5151 so we can coordinate and have a
date set.

Thanks in advance,


Gratz, Simon High School
Carroll, Charles High School
Feltonville Academy Of Arts
Girls, Phila High School For
Fels, Samuel High School
Mastbaum, Jules E. High School

Middle Schools

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----

Feltonville Arts & Sciences
Washington, Grover Jr.

Elementary Schools

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----

Barton School
Birney, Gen. David B. School
Carnell, Laura H. School
Cayuga School
Cleveland, Grover School
Cooke, Jay Elementary School
Creighton, Thomas School
Feltonville Intermediate
Finletter, Thomas K. School
Franklin, Benjamin School
Lowell, James R. School
Marshall, Thurgood School
Mc Clure, Alexander K. School
Morrison, Andrew J. School
Olney Elementary School
Steel, Edward School
Taylor, Bayard School

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SDP Magnet High Schools...

I was wondering if anyone had any exposure to FLC's Computer Business school, and/or feedback on it they can throw my way. is good for general demographic info, but there isn't much out there in the way of actual first hand feedback. Unfortunately, Google has not been the friend it usually is to me on this one... :(


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What our Lady Help of Christians did

I am ENRAGED at this school, and I want to world to know why. My daughter was enrolled with their preK program. 4000 dollars for her to go there, which we paid in monthly insltallments of 350 a month.
Well, her school trip comes around, a picnic in center city to watch a play of some bunnies Max and Ruby. I get a notice a week ahead of time "Balance of X amt. needs to be paid for Fund Raising or Jade cant go on the trip" So I pay that.
I get another notice home "Balance of X amt must be paid for Late Fees or Jade cant go on the trip." So I pay that.
I pay for the trip, we mark it on the calander and the day before it happens I get another notice "Pack a lunch the trip is tomorrow!" So I do that.
The day of the trip my little girl LAUNCHES herself out of bed and is ready before I am even up. I get her lunch packed and her father drops her off at school.
We go to pick her up at 245... and shes in tears, withdrawn, 4 ft away from all the other kids and wont talk.
They didnt take her on the trip. They took EVERY KID but her. They made her sit in a cafeteria all day. Why? Because for the past 2 payments of tuition I made 200 dollar payments instead of 350 on her tuition because money was a bit tight. But did I hear anything about my tuition before the trip? NO! Any call to let me know it would stop Jade from going? NO! They just punished her, and she doesnt understand why all of her friends went without her.
Gotta love the Catholic spirit OOOZing from that slimey school. In my opinion the neighborhood is LUCKY to be rid of them. How dare they punish my child, who does not understand. All they had to do was TALK to me and I would have fixed the problem, but instead they were sneaky and underhanded and GREEDY.
I gave Jade an early summer, and she is home with me now. I enrolled her in a 4000 Pre K to teach her valuable lessons and give her a leg up. What she learned was not to trust promises. Thanks a lot Our Lady Punished Innocent Children.