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Wii Sports System and Wii Fit - $325

These are brand new in the package still. They were xmas gifts that we never opened or used. Serious inquires only. PM with questions.

Wii Sports System package includes:
Wii Console
Wii Console Stand
Wii Remote
Wii Remote Jacket
Sensor Bar
Wii AC Adapter
Wii AV Cable
Wii Sports Disc

Wii Fit includes:
Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Disc

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20" CRT television - Sold

cable-ready, has RCA (red/white/yellow) inputs, remote.

still works fine.

post here or PM if interested.

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Knitting lessons - private or group!

Well now that I'm among the unemployed, I am finding ways to stay busy and FINALLY start doing things I love...

So I am offering knitting lessons, at an hourly rate for personal instruction, or at a group rate. It could be an idea for a kids party or a bridal shower. If you have a specific project that you'd like to do, I can find a pattern that will work and teach from that. Or I can just do basic things like starting your first scarf.

Feel free to contact me via PM or email me at


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Window Frame Mirrors

I have a number of windowframes in which I have replaced the glass with mirror. I'm looking to move them out of my house. You can have them for free or they're going out with the trash next weekend. Some of them have the hardware for hanging. There are assorted sizes and configurations. I also have frames with glass or empty panes if you care for them. PM me if you're interested.

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Free Tree

I had a tree planted in front of my house, and then water started to come into the basement. The cheapest solution is to cut the tree down and put concrete over the tree pit again. I don't want to do this, so if anyone has the ability/desire to take the tree out, you can have it. I would also pay something to have this done instead of killing a tree.

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May I borrow a washtub or similar for Sunday?

Anyone who has something I can borrow to ice a half-keg in on Sunday?

(and before anybody gets too excited, it's Briar's Birch Beer)

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Does anyone sell Mary Kay cosmetics?

I figured I would try to find someone in the neighborhood. There was a concealer I had years ago that I absolutely loved and would like to find again.. If anyone sells or knows someone who sells can you please let me know. Thank you.

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purging mac gearo

ibook g4 14" screen 1.33GHZ 256MB RAM - needs new battery - otherwise a-ok $200
powerbook g4 - 15" - 1.25ghz 2GB RAM - screen is kind of wonky. will provide connector for plugging into external monitor - $300
ibook g3 600mhz - $100
imac g3 grey - not sure of the specs but it runs. best offer.

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Furniture sale/give away

I'm going to eventually post this on craigslist but figured I'd put it on here first...keep it in the hood and all.

Two things: 1) I can provide pictures on request, just PM me your email address and 2) WE HAVE NO WAY OF DELIVERING ITEMS TO YOU. You must pick them up with your own truck/van/skateboard/whatever.

Small writing desk - unfinished - good condition. Three small drawers on the side and one middle drawer, plus two small shelves on the other side. Would be perfect in a kid's room or as a work station in a kitchen. $50

Granas coffee table from Ikea ( - glass top - mesh shelf for magazines, coffee table books, etc. $40

Couch - okay, this couch is only two years old, but our cats have literally destroyed the upholstery on it. But it's a great couch, WITH A SLEEPER BED INSIDE, and the cushions/frame are still in great shape. It could be slipcovered, but it would be amazing if someone wanted to reupholster it. This item is FREE. That's right, I said FREEEEEEEE.

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spare Mac Keyboard?

a guest spilled beer on my Keyboard on Christmas. i hafta copy/paste all text letter by letter. anyone have a spare Mac Keyboard with usb hookup?