Whatever It Takes - Fighting the Drug Culture

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Would decriminalization of drugs improve or hurt our neighborhood?

Would it increase or decrease drug usage?
Would it decrease or increase the negative secondary impact of the drug trade?

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drug rahab's or lack of rehab

i was just wondering if there is some way of checking up on these drug clinics that are out there treating these drug abusers. after reading the post about the rape at 6th and girard ave . trust me these people who go to these clinics just get over on the system, by selling there free transpasse's let alone being a public nuisance on the bus that they are taking ,as a bus driver i really get sick of this shit going on day after day, the same faces over and over again. yea they might have a problem but guess what after a couple of years is it a problem or just someway for these clinics to make a easy buck? its like they really don't care about curing these assholes,who really don't want to be cured. is there a answer?

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Asking for donations for kids with "nothing to do"

Just forwarding this:

There are over 8,000 youth under 18 living in our community, most of them haven't enough to do.

We are running a daycamp and supporting 5 play streets at the moment, as well as working to bring more resources into Scanlon Recreation Center and Ice Rink.

If you could serve as a local collection point, we could arrange pickup of needed items which include:

* Bikes and tricycles in good working condition
* Tennis racquets and balls
* Volleyballs
* Roller Blades
* Ice Skates
* Board Games
* Arts and Craft Supplies
* Clean children's books


Phyllis Martino

Director, Community Development
Impact Services Corporation
1952 E. Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-739-1600 Ext 141
Fax: 215-739-3283

On the web at www.impactservices.org

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On-Line Roll Call

Can someone post the link for the 26th's online roll-call? I can't seem to find it. Thanks

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What do you do?

What do you do when you see a drug sale? Three times within the past week and a half I have seen blatant "drive up" drug deals - and either around the corner from a school, or right in front of a school.

What would you do if you saw this? I am not going to go up and confront the dealer/buyer myself. I did file a report with the PPD...we will see if it gets any attention. I just feel really powerless and upset when I see this..

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Craziness around Cione Park

I'm new here, so Hi everyone.

Just thought I'd point you all to a relevant blog post I wrote this weekend...

A View of the Park

Also, is there an ORCA meeting soon? Do they have a website/mailing list?

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Just when I was feeling better about the Neighborhood...

A teenage boy came into the back of the lower church at St. Annes at the end of the 11:30 mass today, knocked over the woman who sits at the chance (Bingo) table and stole all the money. DURING MASS. It just broke my heart. One person got a good look at him and apparently he is from the neighborhood. I am not so concerned with the money since there was not too much, but he actually assaulted the woman.

So damn sad.

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Wanted - Face Painter for WIT Carnival

I'm sure someone on this forum has some contact with a face painter. We'd like to have someone for the carnival. We're getting a rate quote of about $100 per hour from a few places. We'll be happy to pay the artist a reasonable rate, but would like to the person to beat that $100/hour quote.

If interested, please email me at .

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Unusual Request-Do you know any Fishtown teenage drug users?

Hey everyone! I have an unusual request. I am a senior at the University of Pennsylvania and a native Fishtowner. I will be graduating in a few weeks provided that I finish my thesis. Here's where you can help out. For my thesis topic I need to interview Fishtown teenage drug users (teenage being from 13-19 and drug user being anywhere from one time use to addict). I thought I had some people to interview but that didn't work out. Other than standing on a corner and putting myself in danger I can't think of any other way to contact them. So please, if you know anyone who fits the description of who I need to interview, talk to them and ask them if they would be willing to talk to me. I won't be using their actual name when I write my thesis, I promise not to turn them into the police or anything and I'd be willing to compensate them for their time (probably about $10). Basically, I want to ask them about their drug history and the reason they think they started using. If you do know someone please get back to me as soon as possible!!!!
Thanks so much!!!!