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Sandwiches for Birthday Party

Can anyone suggest a good deli for sandwiches for about 30 adults for a one year olds birthday party? Im sure there has to be some great places right here in FishTown....

Also any suggestions for a birthday cake?

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Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

I can't believe she is already two. Where does the time go????!!!

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Bethal Baptist

I am wondering what people think about Bethal Baptist School. Anyone know anything about them? I just remember as a kid/teen everyone use to tease them and I haven't a clue why? I even asked a friend and she said last night. "Not there, they tease them" I didn't question why, I just left it as is. Let me what you all think. Thank you. by the way. I was thinking about putting my 4 year old in school somewhere and I am looking around and they are in my head. Let me know. Thank you all for the help. Jane

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Afterschool Arts Classes & Young Entrepreneurs Club Starting at Hinge Cafe 2/23

The Hinge is hosting several nonprofit, 8 week classes for youth starting February 23th:

- Afterschool Arts Classes for youth ages 8-14, Mondays - Wednesdays, 3-6pm (fees/schedule given below)
- Young Entrepreneurs Club for high school age students, Thursdays, 3-6pm (free)

Space is limited. ALL students must call to reserve a spot in their desired class(es). Under or over-age students may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

$80 for 1 class - $140 for 2 classes - $180 for all three classes
and includes homework assistance and snack from 3-4pm, followed by a 2 hour arts class from 4-6pm.

Monday 3-6pm - Multi Media Mania (Visual Arts)
Color outside the lines and think outside the box while using paint, papier-mâché, found objects, sculpture and printmaking in new and different ways to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Emphasis will be placed on self-expression, creativity and understanding of new mediums.

Tuesdays 3-6pm - Creative Cooking (Cooking & Baking)
Explore new twists on your favorite foods in the Hinge kitchen. You'll help design the menu and get your hands messy while making marvelous meals.

Wednesdays 3-6pm - Fit & Fabulous (Yoga & Cardio)
Develop a personal fitness plan while learning about basic diet and nutrition, breaking a sweat with circuit training and games, then cooling it down while you strike your pose.

FREE- includes homework assistance and snack from 3-4pm, followed by a 2 hour interactive course from 4-6pm.
Students learn basic business principles while designing a new venture or community service activity.
Participation may satisfy school service learning requirements.

To register or obtain further information, please contact Simone at:

The Hinge Cafe
2652 E. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134
(215) 425-6614
hinge_me@yahoo. com

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Catholic Scholarships

If anyone is aware of any kind of scholarship or grant available to Catholic school children, please post a link.
I'm trying to gather all info to help out a worthy family.

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Kid-friendly brunch in CC

Meeting an old friend for brunch and taking 1-year old along. Ideas for a good place? Needs to be accessible by public transit and in Center City.

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Summer Vacation stress is rearing it's ugly head again. Time to plan out the summer for the kids. With both of us working, there is no way I will leave them home to their own devices. The eldest needs to get a job - hopefully the same place where the 10 year old can go to camp. Swimming is very important, however with the City's budget cuts, I am finding that lots of camps have had their pools closed by the budget crunch. Anyone have any ideas?

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Do 1 Thing for Homeless Teens!

Please pass this on to everybody and anybody....

February 14, 2009 is Do 1 Thing Day

What is Do 1 Thing day you ask? It is a day where anyone nationwide shows their support for homeless teens as an individual, group, family or friends and does on one thing to help homeless teens.

The youth Group from Atonement Lutheran Church at 1542 E. Montgomery Ave this year have been involved in several ways in helping homeless teens. This fall they collected and assembled food packages and hygiene packages to distribute to teens on the street. They are currently collecting $5.00 fast food cards to distribute to homeless teens when it is extremely cold outside. This enables the teens to get a hot meal and a place to warm up for awhile.

For Do 1 Thing Day ( the youth of Atonement Lutheran Church are collecting and asking for donations of gently used business attire for teens to go on job interviews. Dress slacks, buttoned shirts, ties, suit jackets, skirts, dresses, dress shirts, dress pants, sweaters, men’s shoes, and dress shoes…anything you can wear to a job interview. The teens also need NEW undergarments such as boxers, underwear, bras, dress socks, stockings, and knee highs. Teens come in all sizes from petite to plus sizes so all will be accepted. And what would make a good impression on a prospective employer but a teen with good hygiene. So when you drop off your business attire and want to do a little something more we would be happy to accept and deliver any hygiene items such as: deodorant, mouse, hair spray, gel, brushes, combs, tooth brush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, cologne, hand cream etc.

We will be taking donations at the church from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m on February 14. 2009. We hope to bag and box the items and deliver them to the center on the evening of Valentines Day. What better way to show some love.
Thanks for your support! We hope to see you on Saturday February 14th.

Any Questions please email me
Fran Stepnowski
Youth Group Coordinator

Subject Do 1 Thing

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What is up with all the infomercials??

My boys watch Nicelodeon, channel 33..

Even during the course of one 30 minute show we are seeing ar least 2 commercial typer infomercials!
Not even for kids stuff!

My boys keep telling me to buy the Big City Sliders, and Spin Lash Mascara!

When did this become something for children's television??

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Daycare Needed At Home or facility DESPERATELY

I have a 3 month old little girl. Shes happy, chubby, and very easy to watch. I work long hours, leave the house at 6:40 come home between 5 and 6. I need someone to watch my little girl who is responsible, doesnt smoke, or have a dog. Either in my home, or yours, or anyone wno knows a facility thats close and good.

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