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Home Inspector

Can anyone recommend a good home inspector in the area?

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Profitable backyard gardening in Philadelphia

Although this article doesn't mention our local heroes (Greensgrow), it's an excellent introduction to a concept that I hope continues to grow in the coming years. As we begin to rebuild our economy from this recession, maybe simple locally focused solutions will take the place of some of the "service economy" that pretty much outsourced any productive labor to poor countries. Anyway, it's a good read:

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Has anyone ever bought anything from the appliance store in the mall, over there by Thriftway?
Were the prices, service, or selection reasonable?

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Hey Guys,

If anybody is in need of a photographer, check out my fiancee's new web site:

She specializes in child / family photography that is "on-site", but also does commercial as well as wedding photography.

- Carl

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Brag on a contractor.

Tell us about the best contractor that you've worked with, especially if it has been in the last year.

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Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Any suggestions out there? Postive or negative experiences? Please share. I need my basement fixed!

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Wings on Our Feet

I pass this soon to be new storefront everyday and was just wondering if anyone knew anything more about it, such as a possible opening date? I saw lights on inside of it for the first time a few days ago, oddly, very late at night (like 3 AM).

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Metro Hardware on Front St.

I just wanted to let you all know about a hardware store I found today to get a new single pane window fixed. They even do screen repairs as well. At one time we use to go to the Forks and use that hardware store for repairs but since its now a florist I had no idea where to go, but now I do. Metro Hardware is on Front Street between Spring Garden and Fairmount...........just a tad outside of Fishtown but figured to let everyone else know where it was if you have a hard time finding places to fix window/screens.

The service was great. All I did was left them my name and number and I had a phone call about a half hour later letting me know it was fixed. Great to have a local hardware store and they have alot of tools as well. They are open 7 days a week and their phone number is (215)238-0600.

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Fishtown Roofer recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good roofer in the area? I need the tin roof flashing redone on the back of my house. Thanks!

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best local hardware store

where's the best (local!) hardware store in fishtown?