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Restaurant Week Coming to Fishtown, Kensington & Port Richmond

From Saturday April 25th to Thursday April 30th 2009, 10 local restaurants will be participating in a restaurant promotional week. Each eatery will have a price-fix menu or menu options from $10-$30.

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Philadelphia Brewing Co. Anniversary Party!!

From the Good Folks at PBC:

Saturday, March 7
1:00 - 4:00 PM
Philadelphia Brewing Company

It's been a year since our Grand Re-opening - we want to thank YOU! Philadelphia Brewing Co. got beer back on the street and launched four new brands under our new name one year ago! It's been a great year and we have YOU, our loyal supporters to thank!

Plus new t-shirts, new pint glass designs, and an ultra-special price for a case of PBC beer - just $20.00 per case during the party only!

Come join us for a special open house at the brewery where we will launch our latest seasonal (an Imperial Stout). The beer will be flowing, we'll have food and music and the Philadelphia Brewing Staff will be there to enjoy the afternoon with you.

If you haven't been to our brewery before, please check out
for directions.

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Across the Land, People Are Fuming Over an Herb.

These people with weird tastes probably think garlic isn't a breakfast food too. :dontknow:

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Best. Pizza. Ever.

And no, you can't buy it.

Just got done eating homemade pizza at Larry99's house and I swear to you it was the best pizza I have ever had. We need to start a Larry99's Pizza/Kat's Salsa Shoppe and we would make a mint!

Larry - thanks for the hospitality. But now my kids won't eat MY homemade pizza! ;)

Next time we will stay longer I promise :)

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Fraud ? are you kidding me ??

...North Wildwood bar, Keenan's, which encompasses an entire city block, has been closed since Sept. 3, 2008, when New Jersey's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control ordered the bar's retail license suspended for 80 days for underage-drinking violations....Earlier this week, the bar sent letters to at least 13 people who either had gained entrance or had tried to get in with a fake ID over the past five years.

"We would like to hear from you or your legal representative within the next 20 days regarding this fraud," the letters said.

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Peanut Butter

Just want to post this link about the peanut butter/salmonella scare for those that eat PB. Note that Trader Joe's and Target (Archer Farms) are listed.
Be careful! ... /index.cfm

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Jelly Doughnut Pudding

As I was reading this recipe I had two thoughts, first was they must be kidding, I can feel the pounds comung on just reading it. But at the same time I was wondering where I could get some good jelly doughnuts to make it.

Donna Marie

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Do You Like Joe?

If so then come out and enjoy a pint of Joe served the old time-e way...straight out of the firkin! Tapping will be @ 6:30 and the beer will be flowin' until the keg kicks (last time our keg kicked before 10 so come early!) I probably won't run over, but let me know if anyone is interested.j

Firkin O' Joe @ Standard Tap Wed, January 28, 6:30pm – Standard Tap

What is a firkin: It is an English unit of measurement equal to nine imperial gallons or a quarter of a barrel (40.91481 litres)

Cask ale is "a name for a draught (or bottled) beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide." Basically, it's a beer that is conditioned in its serving tank and hand-drawn through the use of a beer engine, gravity-drawn, or poured from a conditioned bottle.

Real ale is typically served straight from the maturation vessel, commonly referred to as a “cask” or “firkin.” A small addition of “priming sugar” is added to the ale prior to packaging to create a secondary fermentation within the vessels. This is where the terms "cask-conditioned" and "bottle-conditioned" come into play, wherein the living yeast will eat up the priming sugar to create natural carbonation. Residual complex sugars that are not eaten provide depth of character and aid with further maturation. Cask ale is served best at around 55 degrees, or what's called “cellar temperature,” which brings out the flavors and aromas.

Carbonation is very low. Once cask ale is tapped, it must be consumed within 2 to 3 days, depending on the weather and beer style. This is mainly due to the introduction of oxygen into the vessel, which begins the spoilage process immediately.

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soft pretzels on frankford

I've never inquired, but what's up with this store. is it like the Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory on 8th and Washington where anyone can purchase fresh from the oven pretzels. since I work late at night I always walk my dog past there late at night and it smells marvelous and I see people working inside (not to mention the van with all the flour parked on the sidewalk in front of the entrance) but was never sure if it operated as a sort of late-night storefront. I've seen cops go in and get pretzels, but never normal civilians.

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Fishtown Beer Runners - Saturday Runs

More is better, so we have added a Saturday morning run for folks who can't make Thursdays or who want to do two runs per week.

All runs leave from 2346 E. Susquehanna Ave. This Sat, January 24 @ 11:30 AM, the destination is Philadelphia Brewing Company. There will be lite route for beginners, and a 3-5 mile route.


Sat, Jan 24th 11:30 AM Philadelphia Brewing Company

Thurs, Jan 29th 7:00 PM Liberties Bar