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The Fishtown Effect

Sure many of you have seen the article in Citypaper...


" For the past couple of weeks, I've been talking to people in Fishtown, and I've found much the same thing. Obama's skin color is a problem for many white voters in Philly — but with the economy in ruins, they're turning to Obama anyway. Call it the Fishtown Effect. "

Consequently, Ftown makes its mark on the 2008 election by officially having a wikipedia page...



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Hey George!

Just wondering how you're feeling! Hope you're all better. Halloween is FRIDAY you know...can't have you sick for trick or treat!

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Keystone State Skinheads

Wasn't this the group that was hanging up those fliers throughout Fishtown a few months ago?


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nice job at the cemetary Sat. morning

It was great to see some people pitching together and cleaning up around the cemetary Saturday morning. I saw them while I was driving down Belgrade St. but didnt see if any other of the blocks also had some crews cleaning it as well. Little things like that make Fishtown what it is. Just wanted to say that your time doing the cleanup is appreciated

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Plume - new salon on Girard next to JBs

Anyone know if this place is open yet?

I keep meaning to write down their phone number when I pass by, but never seem to have a pen. Anyone have it?

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I Like To Watch

Just a heads up that Johnny Brenda's WILL have a television in place for all World Series games (50" plasma HD). Also, there's a tentative plan to have an election night party upstairs with video on a large projection screen.

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Howard Stern..Do people suport Obama because of issues or are they clueless?

Howard sends someone to harlem to find if people are voting for Obama for the issues or if they are just clueless. Click the you tube screen. It just really audio. There is no vulgar langauge so don't worry about that.

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Does anyone know of a good Brick Pointer in Fishtown

Hey All,

I've asked all of my neighbors, but none seem to remember who did the brick repointing on their house. If anyone can suggest a reliable affordable person who would be able to help it would be much appreciated.


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Someone Seeking Adam

Saw this on craigslist, thought someone here might know this guy.


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Free gas?

There is traffic all backed up on York Street and a kid carrying a sign that says, "Free gas." Anyone know what is going on? A firetruck just drove by and it could barely get by...