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Front and Palmer

This isn't in Fishtown but...

Does anyone know what's going on at Front and Palmer/Montgomery where the Mercado market used to be? It's just south of the Berks stop. I drove by there today and noticed a bunch of construction vehicles.

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Plaid Pony Vintage 3rd Annual Holiday Open House!

Last year was so great, we're doing it again! For 2 days only we'll be setting up shop and bringing you loads of vintage clothing, accessories and housewares. We'll have tons of stuff for guys and girls ranging from classic to kitschy.
Find that special something for that special someone (which could very well be you...).

We'll have snacks and drinks including the ever popular Trix Treats and hot mulled cider, plus other yummy goodies.

The event will be on Saturday Dec 6th from 11-7 and Sunday Dec 7th from 11-5 at 2213 Taggert St (between Norris & Dauphin one block from Gaul).

Hope to see you there!

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What Church do you go to? (Catholic)

I recently moved to Fishtown in September. I am currently going to St. Peter's, but I don't really feel all that comfortable there, and there parish is very small. I thought it would be pretty big and outgoing due to the school and the fact that it is St. John Nuemann's shrine.

I think I live within the boundaries of Holy Name, but there website is very off-putting.

So what catholic church do you belong to?

I'm use to a very large parish, that is socially and community active.

Thank you

P.s. this is in no way opening a door for a religious debate or putting down people of different faiths or beliefs. I just want some opinions of local parishes.

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Music Teacher on Thompson and Columbia.

Anyone here have experience with the Music School at Thompson and Columbia? My girlfriend is considering taking her daughter there for music lessons. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Is it safe to assume...

that York Street, heading west from Aramingo, (specifically up to Cedar (?) Street) is only lane? If so, it drives me absolutely insane when people come up from behing me and all of a sudden start driving along next to me, but not really... kind of lurking. Then there are the others that speed by you to pass you because you didn't totally floor it and burn rubber up to the next stop sign, 100 feet away. This has been bothering me for some time. Phew!

If it turns out to really be more than one lane heading west, then nevermind.

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To the officers driving car 2610

Its nice to know what a wonderful job you are doing to help keep the area clean.

Tonight on York street near the corner of Memphis I saw a cop throw a large plastic dunkin donuts cup out of the passenger side window. Then they went around a car that stopped at a stop sign.. They didn't have lights on and weren't speeding to get any where. Just being a couple of dick cops who can't follow the rules they are meant to enforce.

I know its petty and I can let the stop sign thing slide.. But littering is just plain ignorant and disgusting. Keep the neighborhood clean is that too much to ask?

For everyone who might rant at me about how busy the cops are. They weren't too busy to stop at dunkin donuts so they could have found the time to dispose of the cup in a proper bin.

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Mrs. (Anne) Mitchell died.

She taught lots of kids in Fishtown over the years.

Relatives and friends are invited to her Viewing Friday eve, 7 to 9 P.M. and Saturday morning 9 A.M., at BURNS FUNERAL HOME, 1428 E. Columbia Ave. (at Fkd. Ave.). Funeral Mass to follow 10:30 A.M. Holy Name of Jesus Church. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. In lieu of flowers, family prefers donations in her memory to Susan G. Komen for the Cure P.O. Box 650309, Dallas TX 75265-0309.


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A strange question about Trick or Treating in Fishtown

So, I have strange question about Trick or Treating in our wonderful little neighborhood. We took my two year old son out dressed as a frog and did about 20 minutes of Trick or Treating on our block. I expected him to just get candy and maybe a tooth brush from an older lady worried about the tooth decay on the block. But, to my surprise, my son was given nearly 3 dollars in change (along with some candy). Is this a Fishtown tradition? Anyone know the history on this? I never heard of anything like this growing up in the midwest. Just thought I would check with the most knowledgeable forum on the web.

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Anyone dress up their animals?

I was outside of philly in springfield and seen some people earlier today with their dogs in costumes. Seen a dog in a striped prison outfit and a pirate. Anyone here dress their animals up.