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Devotchka Tickets

If anyone is interested in seeing Devotchka this Saturday at the TLA, shoot me a private message. I have 2 extra tickets available at $20 each.

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AMBLE Gallery presents Jaggy Nettles - TONIGHT

Concetta over at AMBLE Gallery in Northern Liberties has a great show opening tonight. David is a great artist from Scotland with an awesome style and great sense of humor. You really oughtta stop out there:

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This Friday Awesome Art Show over at EXIT skateshop

Check it out here for the flyer and all the info. It should be a great time. Hope to see a couple friendly faces

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Metal vs. Opera: A Comparison

Last night I was watching Stephen Colbert, who was interviewing an opera singer, and I started thinking about the comparisons between metal and opera.

1. Both require a good set of lungs
2. Both have big, dramatic moments
3. Both are musical extremes, in a way
4. Both have cool stage costumes
5. Both are acquired tastes

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Stained Glass at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival

For all of you wonderfully curious people who have enquired about FishtownStainedGlass we will be appearing at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival with a table of pieces to sell and display: mock transoms, lights, side lights, windows, suncatchers, the fishtown fish address plaque, and so much more.
Please show up for a peek since our website is yet to be created.
May 17th noon to five!
Click the link to see our site!

Danielle McDonnell
Call for free estimates, questions appreciated!

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spirit website

Jeez, who knew that websites were so much work...I have a new respect for you Dan!

Trying hard to get the new Spirit site up and running, but it's and slow going to say the least. 2:30 am and I only have an issue and a half uploaded. Learning as I go along, but I hope we'll have a whole bunch of back issues on there soon.

Suggestions are appreciated =)

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rockabilly and honkytonk at the Lost Bar Saturday night (free!)

Hi all,

Saturday night I'll be playing a free show at Atlantis, the Lost Bar from 9 - 10:30 pm. It'll be a mix of 'billy and 'tonk covers ranging from Hank Williams to Leonard Cohen to the Elvises (Presley and Costello). And a few tunes I do with my band, Speed Crazy. There's a DJ afterward, and did I mention it's free? C'mon down and lose your honkytonk blues...

Atlantis, the Lost Bar, 2442 Frankford at Hagert,

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Musician looking for band (not rock)

Does anyone know of any community bands (not rock)/ensembles formed in the Fishtown area? I play piano/trumpet and am looking for a group to play with for fun. I don't drive so need them to be local to Fishtown.



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Philadelphia Cartoonists Thread

There are only a few cartoonists that I know in Fishtown. Namely, ol' Roger Petersen, who is way less of a showoff than he oughtta be. After hanging out with him over the past few years, I realized just how diverse and skilled an artist he is. I also know Brian Potash, a designer who has strong cartoonist sensibilities. Mike Geno, although a fine artist, certainly shows a sharp wit, equal to a great cartoonist in conversation and in his artwork. Mr. G combines cartooning and lifetime's education of graffiti to brand us with unique sticker art. Mitchell Landsman, like Rog, is another one of those guys who can pretty much do it all - fine art, cartoons, comics, animation, set design and painting, carpentry.

I'm sure that I'm skipping some of the folks I've already met. And I'm sure there are even more out there in the neighborhood that I don't know. So I'm casting a line out to see if I can find some more.

If you know any local cartoonists, or if you are a local cartoonist, drop me a line if you want to hang out and draw with good-humored, like minded people.

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Highwire Opening fri April 4th 5-9pm

April showers bring less foot traffic, but don't let the rain keep you from walking the arts corridor. Highwire at Susquehana and Frankford has the best food(donated by Mary Kate of Ida Mae's)and the art is tasty too. Stop by. Also check out the neighborhood antique store, Germ Books, Rocket Cat and Bambi as well.