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What's your favorite neighborhood-based band?

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My novel ‘COMPED’ for sale around the world

Open this link and check out the prices people are asking for a used $15.95 paperback. I’ve seen it on this site as low as $10.95 in the USA and as high as $298.00 in Asia. I’m working on getting “COMPED’ back on the street this year and it will sell for $15.95. I’m also finishing up the sequel to ‘COMPED’ titled ‘CASINO WARS’

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Fri Dec 5: Honkytonk Christmas at Murph's Bar!

It's a Honkytonk Christmas Friday December 5 at Murph's Bar, featuring Greg Phoenix originals, rock'n'tonk cover tunes, and Yuletide twang that's sure to trim your tree! Murph's Bar, 202 East Girard, Philadelphia PA 19125, (215) 425-1847; 10pm, free.

Greg Phoenix
Sloe 'n' Sober Music

Greg Phoenix:
Murph's Bar:

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Treasured Holiday Albums

What says the 'Spirit of Christmas' more than a creepy snake charmer with an organ?

Stan and Doug don't get many holiday visitors...

5000 dead rabbits wish you a 'Merry Christmas!'

"I'm Dreaming of a White (Meat) Christmas?"

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Highwire Gallery Open Call

December 5-21, 2008
Reception...Friday, Dec 5th, 5-9pm

Highwire Gallery is hosting an Open Call Art Exhibit in Fishtown, 2040 Frankford Ave. Highwire is a non-profit artists co-op, and extends this invitation to artists interested in hanging with us in December. All work must be original, under 30" in any dimension, and a $20.00 fee is charged per submission. Drop off art at the gallery sat and sun, nov 29, 30, between noon and 5pm. HWG

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Philly Turkey Articles tied to problems in Fishtown...

"SugarHouse Mulling Spot Atop Independence Hall"


"City to Have More Upscale Steakhouses Than Libraries"

Sure, it's fake news, but it affects us all, man.

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Anyone have any Sketches of Fishtown Fliers?

Hey, everyone - I am putting together a book of the first volume of the Sketches of Fishtown project. I'm hoping to have a book release party in late January.

Unfortunately, I am just now realizing that I do not have printable versions of all of the issues. Aside from putting them in the newspaper, I also distributed some printed fliers of the project to local businesses and on telephone poles throughout the neighborhood. I am hoping to borrow some of them back to rescan them.

As some of you might now, I got burgled last summer - cleaned out. The dirtball junkies that robbed me not only got my computer with all the original art files, but they also took my backup CDs. So some of the art I have is less than standard for print quality, and some issues I just don't have anymore. For instance, I no longer have the art for the Pee Wee Martini comic I did.

If anyone can help me, please email me: . I just need to borrow the fliers for a few minutes and scan them at a high resolution. Thanks in advance.

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Looking for a "rehearsal" space


Im looking for a rehearsal space with high ceiling to have a camera crane practice session. Basically, it's a long stick with weights on the back end and a camera on the front. Are there any bands or dance studios out here that would be interested in being the test subject and receiving a free video?

Heres a pic of the camera crane:

From Gato, Inc.

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For Jeffro

Woodmere Art Museum is pleased to announce that Nancy Goldstein, author of Jackie Ormes: The First African American Cartoonist will be presenting a lecture on Jackie Ormes. Afterward she will be available for a book signing. The lecture is open to the public, 2pm, Sunday, Nov. 16.

Woodmere Art Museum

Nov. 16, 2008

Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist

In the United States at midcentury---a time of few opportunities for women in general and even fewer for African American women---Jackie Ormes (1911-85) blazed a trail as a popular cartoonist. Her smart, outspoken little Patty-Jo, and her intrepid, beautiful Torchy delighted readers of the Pittsburgh Courier, at the time the largest black paper in the country, with fourteen big city editions from coast to coast. Through her characters, Ormes reported to readers on such topics as U.S. foreign policy, the arms race, the HUAC, education, jobs, racism, environmental pollution, abstract art, and the latest fashions, to name a few. Ormes was a member of Chicago's black elite, with a social circle that included the leading political figures and entertainers of the day. Nancy Goldstein’s slide program presents highlights of Jackie Ormes’s life as well as many of her cartoons and comics with reference to their historical context and artistic conventions.

Pamela Birmingham
Robert L. McNeil Jr., Curator of Education
Woodmere Art Museum
9201 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19118

Woodmere Art Museum celebrates the art and artists of the Philadelphia region - past, present, and future.