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Joaquin Phoenix

Are we watching him unravel in real time, or is he pulling an "Andy Kaufman/Sascha Baron Cohen" type deal?
Is he destroying his career or a serious method actor who has something else up his sleeve?

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A Small Self-Plug

Hey All,

I'm happy to announce that I am the new Arts & Crafts Blogger for the Philadelphia section at! I will be blogging a few times a week about various arts & crafts topics that are Philly-specific. My first entry just went up and it's about Ladies' Wine and Art night at Portside Arts Center!

The crux of my application pitch to the site was that I live in an area of the city that is ripe with creativity, and alot of the most creative folks here are working out of their homes and incorporating some sort of craftiness into what they do. While I will be writing about Philly at large, for this blog, I'm very excited to look into the most creative happennings right in our own hood.

PM me with any suggestions for articles!

Here's the link:

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Calling all artists and performing artists!!!

The Fishtown Neighbors Association is looking for local artists and performing artists to be featured in upcoming events throughout the neighborhood and throughout the year.

The major details are still in the works, but we would like to unvail THE FNA PRESENTS

A showcase for those with artistic talent in our neighborhood!

Please email your resume to and reference this post.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me.


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Television on the Radio

Let me just preface this comment by saying, I love music, of almost all types, and pride myself on trying to stay up to date with what's relevant these days...with that being said, what is the deal with TVOTR?
I saw them on SNL this weekend, (yes, shutup, I still watch it faithfully, as if John Belushi is gonna make a guest appearance someday!)...while they were obviously good musicians, I just couldn't get with it..and that rarely happens to me, yet I seen a ton of positive press about them.
Should I give them a second try, or are they just overated?

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haiku time

winter means thin mints
minty chocolate goodness
keep your paws off mine.

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Fishtown Book Club meeting tonight 1/27th, 6pm

at Coffee House on Girard near Front St. at 6pm.
We are discussing "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.
Our February pick is "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson.

Look for our club on

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Want to learn to crochet?

I'm thinking about giving crochet lessions but I'm sure if I'm a good enough teacher to charge money. so if you would like to learn and are willing to be my test subject, drop me a line.

Donna Marie

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Philly burnishes claim on Poe Legacy

"Philadelphia was the crucible for Poe's imaginative genius,"

For those who don't know, the Poe house is down on Spring Garden St.