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Ken Milano's History of Penn Treaty Park book published

From an e-mail from local historian Ken Milano:

"Greetings fellow Kensington & Fishtown lovers!

"I am writing to let you know that my 2nd book has been published by The History Press. It is called The History of Penn Treaty Park. It sells for $19.99. I will be handling the book at my home and local events (Shad Festival in April, Trenton Ave Art Festival in May) and it will also be in the big chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, as well as smaller chain stores like Atlantic Books (the stores down at the shore points). Local independent booksellers will also be carrying it (Port Richmond books on Richmond St above Ann, Germ Books on Frankford Ave above Norris St, Bookhave at 22nd & Fairmount, and probably Jospeh Fox in town, and a coupe of others). Local vendors like Greengrows on Cumberland & Gaul, will also be carrying it. It will also be online at Amazon.com, Abebooks.com, biblio.com, ilab.com, and a couple of others."

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Humorous door-to-door reminisces?

Anybody remember that thread with the reminisces about the various door-to-door salespeople that didn't exist? I'm trying to remember one or two of them so I can look the thread up. I don't remember any, but it was along the lines of "Scott the Fissionable Nuclear Materials Man".

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Who Remembers

Who remembers rockys barber shop. Or when Frankford ave was cobble stone. Or Oscars, Alice's. The car wash on Day street. The pig alley. The bleach man. The list goes on and on That was old time Fishtown.

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What's your favorite Fishtown memory from the last year?

What's the best thing that happened in Fishtown in the last year? (to you or in general)

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Ray Lederer

I'm not sure if it has already been brought up, but Ray Lederer passed away on Sunday night.

For those who don't know, Ray was a former State Rep. and lifelong Fishtowner.

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Cedar & Dauphin sts,

I grew up around Cedar and Dauphin sts. 70's-80's.
Lookin' to see if anybody is hanging out

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Growing up in fishtown 1971-1998

Ok where do I start? Forgive any spelling errors. Guess I will start with Jays pedal power bike shop on girard ave. loved freestyle riding around fishtown with my friends riding at the REC and down snake road thats between richmond street and the river we had a great time back there as kids fishtown was so great before all the development started to think we played football on york street at night or running around playing FREEDOM or swinging at the ropes under 95 playing football at the fields near 95 and york street across from DERKAS autoshop who can forget the many warehouse fires nothing like GOING TO A FIRE! when every i get back in fishtown i always notice that the lot at york and almond has cars parked on it this never happened when i was a kid that was our playground games of baseball football kickball basketball into a milk crate or jumping ramps on our bikes thats what NORRS aka FORMAN SIGHS lot was for can't leave out the PIZZA truck that used to come down the street in the summer night sneaking into ST. ANNS pool at night

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Marburg Bottling Co.

Found this in my attic last night while I was up there spray-foaming some big drafty holes. Anyone have any information on this place? The bottle reads:

35th WARD

and on the back it says

the only thing I can find on Google about this place is a reference to a PhillyBlog post where someone mentions having a similar bottle and a bunch of court cases citing a Marburg Bottle Works vs. PLCB decision as precedent.

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Yo! We're Looking for you!

Hey, we’re looking for you, Pat Ferris and Lisa Lindstrom!

In anticipation of next weeks special 30th Anniversary issue, the Star is looking for two special ladies, Pat Ferris and Lisa Lindstrom. At the youthful age of 17, these girls were lucky enough to appear on the cover the very first issue of the Star. If you know where they are, tell them to give us a call. Pat and Lisa, if you’re reading this — call us! Tune in next week for a very special issue looking at our 30 years of serving the neighborhood. And, yes, we are still taking stories about the neighborhood for anyone who wants to share.
Brian Rademaekers
(215) 354 3039