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a spark plug wrench for my Buddy 50 for about 1/2 an hour max?

Hi everybody.

My lovely genuine scooter Buddy 50 will start but then dies when I give it throttle.

I can't find my socket wrench to check the spark plug... ( I think someone swiped it)

Is there anyone local near Palmer Cemetary who might have one?

Also, if you can recommend a Scooter Mechanic near here, I would appreciate that too.

Hoping I won't need it but the shop I know is in South Philly...


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Guess the price of gas at Noon on August 15, 2009 at the WaWa on Aramingo.

Give us your guess, and tell us why you think it will be that number.

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auto detailing

hi all, can anyone recommend any auto detailers in the area? (fishtown or city-wide) my dog decided to give me the worst xmas present i've ever received in the backseat of my car during my holiday drive to CT -- i'm hoping to find a reputable place that will annihilate any persistent odors and get my not-so-new car smelling at least respectable again. i feel like i'm in a seinfeld episode. any experiences out there?!

ps: i hope everybody had a wonderful holiday, whichever one(s) you may celebrate.

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Garrison's Rocks

I know many others here have vouched for Garrison's Garage so let me add my name. Super friendly...and I got my car back today after resigning myself to not having it until Monday. Best of all, now I don't have to watch the Dolphins game with a bunch of strangers and fratboy douchebags. Thanks Garrison's!!

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Does anyone know a good inspection Mechanic?

Its that time of year again and I usually end up going back to Germantown(my old hood) to get my car inspected because I have a mechanic I can trust. The price is great but its such a hassle. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good inspection mechanic? THanks.

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Garrison's Garage

I can't say enough positive things about these guys! They are always honest and reasonable. They may not be the cheapest, but they do good work and are always upfront and courteous. They came to my house this morning to look at the car to ensure it was safe to drive over to their shop--who does that?? They came at 10, took the car and had a price for me by 10:30, then had it fixed by 1:00.

If you are unfamiliar with them or are looking for a good auto shop, I highly recommend them!

Garrison's Garage
2335 E. Gordon Street

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Auto body shop

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Neighborhood Auto Mechanic/Who's good?

I "have a guy" that I like and trust in S. Philly for my wheels .
But the wife is looking for somebody more close-by for her car.
Any decent fishtown garages? (shes got a Pontiac.)

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What auto mechanic have you used repeatedly?

My 10 year old car needs it's annual work.

Who is using who these days? And why, please.

I am looking for someone who takes credit cards as I know it will be $$$$.

Can any one help?

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Can anyone suggestions an Auto Tag place? Every place I've called is either disconnected or doesn't answer.