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Hair extensions?

So I got my hair "trimmed" the other day... turned out to be a CUT. I'm freaking out! It's not short by most people's standards, but it is to me and I'm actually considering hair extensions until it grows back. I know, extreme... but I'm desperate. I never do anything to my hair and I finally decide to something and it turned out horribly!!

My question: Has anyone ever gotten hair extensions? If so, where? About how much did they spend?

I went to one salon today and was quoted a ridiculous price (or at least it seemed that way to me...) I'm just looking for some other possible places/options.


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A Big Thank you for Voting us "The Best Salon"!!

Salon Blush wants to Thank Everyone who voted us, "Best Over All Salon" IN the Area. We are truly ecstatic about the response we received Since 1st opening July 2007. We couldn't thank you anymore for the support and continued love, Its the biggest compliment to have us Voted the "Best" in any form. Thank you again, and always look forward to see your faces again. Smooooooch

Here is a Gift to show our appreciation,

(EXPIRES 11/31/08 Please print and bring with you)
(not valid for buying gift certificates)

PS we are buying SEXY Halloween costumes for a photo project, offering a $25 Gift Certificate to Salon Blush, Get something else out of that costume you only wore once please PM me for more information :)

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YAY we are featured in the STAR!!

We are excited to have a featured story in the Star today in celebration of our 1 year anniversary of Salon Blush, and the Grand opening of Ralph's Barber Shop. The Feature was beautifully written, and the cover pic, well was less then flattering hahahahahaha! (why cant they give you a lil notice before coming in for a picture?)

Everyone is welcome to join us for a BBQ in our courtyard, and say thank you for all the local support. Its Friday the 11th, 5-9pm

Hope to see you there.

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Just wanted Everyone that is interested to know that there is a New Tanning Salon located at 2nd and Brown across from the Ironworks II gym. I recently joined and I must admit that the beds are Great, I got Great Color from my session. They also offer "Air Brushing Tan" although I haven't had it done from them, but I went a few times to the Bronzing Bar on Passyunk, and I like the Air Brush when I have to go to a "Special Event" The Staff is Great too! Very Friendly,. lotions are Fab. I think there is a "Free Tan" coupon in the City Paper. Not only did I love the color that I got, but I truly appreciated that after my sessions my fat butt doesn't even break out in a sweat or feel the least bit hot. I normally take a shower immediately after tanning and I don't have to there, I can run all the errands that I need to without feeling all yukky. So if there is any tanners' out there, stop by Bermuda and check it out, I am sure you will enjoy!!


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Ralphs Barber Shop Grand Opening!!! and... Salon Blush 1 year anniversary July 11th!!

We are so excited to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary and we couldn't have done it without the support of our Family, Friends, and our favorite neighborhood. Thank you for making this a special year for us. Also the long awaited Grand Opening of Ralph's Barber Shop, Please join us in celebration of:

Salon Blush's 1 year Anniversary


Ralph's Barber Shop grand opening!!!

Friday July 11th, 4pm-8
Your invited to join us for a drink, and some delicious BBQ in our Court yard, while celebrating and checking out our New Barber Shop. We hope to see you guys there :)

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Nail salon?

Anyone know the name of the nail salon down on Aramingo, near the entrance to 95, by the gas station? Can't seem to find it online and want to figure out their hours.


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Salon Blush & Skin Care Spa service menu

We are running a 10% off special on the Pinup Endermologie, Mansfield Microcurrent, and the Combo of the Blush Spa mani & Pedi :)

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Kevins Barber shop

I sure some of you have been to Kevins Barber shop on Girard and Montgomery. But if you haven't it's a real mans barber shop. So men if your tired of getting your hair cut at The Beauty salon where you woman goes check him out. He's a good hard working fishtowner who I have been friends of his family since childhood.