HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

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Need someone to repair my heater.
Still working but it is only a matter of time ...
And .. not much time.
Hot water radiators.

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Duct Cleaning?

Can anyone recommend a local company that does duct cleaning?

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Gas Furnace Duct help?

Ok, I am not sure who to contact with this problem. I have some "issues" with my ductwork for my forced air gas heat system. The issues are causing a big air leak into the basement (and another into the crawl space).

I don't know if I contact a regular Heating and Cooling type co., or are there companies that specifically deal with ductwork? Any recommendations?

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HVAC service question

I found some old threads on this, but I was hoping for some current recommendations and advice. We have a now several years old furnace we have yet to get serviced. I've looked around online and can find recommendations from HVAC companies who say you should get service twice a year, but not much in the way of advice from people who don't make a living off of it. Twice a year seems excessive to me, but I'm not big on preventative maintenance...

My questions are- how often should you get your HVAC system serviced, and what should they do? And how much can I expect to spend?

Anyone have a company they like?


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Anyone know any good and reliable A/C contractors?

My Central A/C is not working... anyone know of any good, reliable, and cheap A/C contractors that I can call? I have one that I have used before, but I can't reach him, so I'm open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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furnace & central a/c replacement recommendations?

i'm considering replacing my furnace and central a/c units -- has anyone had any positive experiences with brands and/or dealers/installers?

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Oil Heat - who to use??

This is my first winter as a homeowner - therefore the first time that I have to figure out oil heat. Can anyone recommend an oil heat company? Thanks so much! Kellie

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Central Air Repair

Hello Everyone-
I just bought a home on the 1500 block of Susquehanna about 2 months ago. I've been lurking around here for a little while and finally have a question. Does anyone know a good central air repairman? The past few weeks have been HOT!!!Thanks for your help.

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HVAC recommendation?

can anyone recommend a good HVAC contractor in the area? i tried out my indoor heating for the first time this weekend and, within minutes, my house smelled like a welsh coal mine that had caught fire. i'm guessing it's because it hasn't been used for a year or two -- need to determine if the fumes are coming from the duct system or the burner itself. thanks for any recommendations...