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New House Heater

This is to just let you know that I have just had a new gas heater installed by Charles Kensil & Son Plumbing & Heating.. (215) 634-3307.. These guys are the greatest.. Good prices..very prompt... no playing around... they come in and do the job ...Tell them George sent you ...

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I need a few (some MAJOR, some minor) plumbing projects done.
Any recommendations?
for minor

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looking for plumber recommendations

for an estimate, job is relocating/replacing a radiator.. thanks

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Recs for a Fishtown plumber please!!!

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Plumber Recs

Can someone PLEASE give me the name of a good plumber? I have some pipes that are backing up and doing a search on here isn't really giving me any names.


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Bad experience, in need of a Good plumber

Hello Everyone,
I had a very bad experience with a Plumbing company (Tim Hughes) in Fishtown I paid a lot of money most of the work was done then they refused to come back (yes they were paid all). I called left messages, I keep getting the run around. They are trying to charge me an extra $2500 they "forgot to factor" in at the time of estimate. I dont have a contract so Im screwed, I am still going through a battle with them. Please if anyone knows of a good reputable plumber, heating and air. I would be so greatful, I have a few other things that need to be done. Thanks for listening

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Contractor Recommendation to replace main water pipe

any recommendations for a plumber to replace the main water pipe to the house? mine hasn't cracked yet but i'd rather not wait. and, since the sidewalk needs to be ripped up, could this person also replace the sewer pipe?
does the plumber typically have a concrete contractor that they use for the sidewalk rip-up / repave or is that "on your own"?
contractor must be licensed / insured.
estimates would also be appreciated.

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handy man or plumber to put in laundry hookup

Well, I'm in the process of buying a home in Fishtown and am new to the neighborhood. I already know that my first project as a home owner will be installing a laundry hookup on the second floor. It is right next to the bathroom so plumbing is not far. I think I'm going to opt for an electric dryer so I don't have to run gas lines up to the second floor. So I was just wondering if anybody has already completed a simliar project and if so about how much it would cost? As well as if anybody could recommend a handyman, plumber or electrican for the job.