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Dan's Views on Moderation

Simply put, I think it's necessary to have forum rules, and to enforce them, in order to have a successful forum. I've been doing the online forum thing for nearly 30 years, starting with the early BBSs in the late 70s. (110 baud modem, anyone?)

I've seen many forums - BBS, email lists, CompuServe, arpanet, usenet, IRC, and web-based forums. The ones that succeed are the ones that have set rules and enforce them. The ones that don't do this eventually die from spam, personal attacks, endless bickering, or some combination of the three.

The rules and their enforcement inevitably reflect both who runs the forum, and what that person or those people envision the forum being. I envision this forum as being a place that youth and kids can read without their parents being concerned, where people can find out about the neighborhood in a positive atmosphere and get involved, where people can meet each other and plan things together, and where people who disagree can dialogue with each other on important topics. I also like it to be fun.

Will the rules be enforced 100% fairly? Not until there's perfect people runnning the site, and I don't see any around volunteering. But I think they're enforced as fairly as I can. Some days everybody will "get away" with more than on other days. Sometimes there will be differences in opinion on what something means or whether or not it is a violation of the rules. Sometimes a person's attitude, intention, or meaning are misunderstood. And some days are just more irritating than others.

Inevitably, the person who bumps up against the rules is not going to like it. Some will accept it and move on. Others will "push back" by accusing the moderator of being unfair or petty or a control freak or (to try to make it personal about me) too religious or preachy. It comes with the territory. I view the role of the moderator to be keeping the forum healthy and on purpose, not making people happy or making people like me (or any other moderator).

Simply put, while I'll be sad to not have you here, if you can't live within the guidelines of the forum, you're telling me you don't want to participate.

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Nunzio's Who's Who on Fishtown.US

[originally posted by Nunzio in another thread. posted here by popular demand.]

Welcome. Just to give you an idea about some of the characters here...

  • New Kenzo is our Social Director.
  • Spiral is our poet laureate (although I think he's on sabbatical).
  • DNA is our inspiration.
  • Neilpuck is the handyman.
  • Brooke is the dog-loving realtor.
  • Stock solves problems.
  • Qbert loves cats and probably has a few for adoption.
  • AJ is the community programs guy, always willing to lend a hand.
  • Plaidpony always seems to say exactly what we're feeling.
    You won’t see

  • Mr. Plaidpony on the forum, but you may see his possum t-shirts and you'll see him at all the social events.
  • Lauraska and
  • guesswho don't take crap from no one.
  • Yosh07 is new jack and following in the footsteps of lauraska.
  • Lisa33 is a sweetheart who inadvertently hijacks threads. She has no known natural enemies.
  • Sheskrafty23 is another sweetheart who has a gift for zinging you with an image.
  • Pattimey and
  • Pure Fishtown are the old heads who put us wise.
  • George is just an old head. Just kidding. He’s funny when he has to be funny and serious when he has to be serious.
  • ftown66 and
  • diamonds215 are, well, they're the genuine Fishtown articles. If they went to Catholic school, they were probably bold, brazen articles. By the way, diamonds215 recently lost his man card.
  • Kat (mi esposa) favors conversations about police and quality of life issues. She reads just about every post on every thread, so you'll see her around quite a bit. You can call her Mrs. Ubiquitous.
    If you happen to engage in a conversation over casinos in the company of
  • jobber and

  • snailgem, take cover.
  • jmminarik and
  • dan are the voices of reason who also hold the power to slap you on the wrist for getting out of hand.
  • Cajunmoon posts from Florida, but can’t wait to get back to Philly.
  • Athrahans is our librarian.
  • Ofofhy is a Patriots fan, but he has a very funny and sarcastic sense of humor and he gets involved, so we let him stick around.
  • Newcomer shares ofofhy’s sense of humor and doesn’t take kindly to people who bogart her ideas. I don’t know where her football allegiance lies.
    If you see
  • peewee martini, you will probably see

  • polishcowboi, and vice versa.
    Peewee is our resident superstar.

  • Becky is the maven of zoning.
  • Ken215 is infinitely funnier in person than he is on the forum.
  • Me, I can tell you all about vacuums.
    By the way, whatever happened to
  • Peter?
    Unfortunately, you just missed
  • UFO. She was a true original who kept us on our toes with her intelligence and breadth of knowledge. There was no “you know what” with her. Her passing truly left a void. She had mad ink, too. You would have liked her.

  • rtsaidred is a NoYo lifer who would make anyone's "Great Neighbor List" and she never takes herself too seriously. She parties with Foghat in her spare time. Too bad, SoYo, she's ours.
  • Like ftown66 and diamonds215,

  • Jeffro is the genuine Fishtown article, who now teaches the bold, brazen articles who ride the el to Erie and Torresdale. As you have undoubtedly seen, he is a master at bringing Fishtown life to art. You can catch him hanging out at the Starboard Side (a surefire sign that he's a Fishtowner born and bred and danged proud of it).
  • Larry99 is one of the few people who actually resembles his avatar. The dude can cook like nobody's business and he can swat the bass strings to the tunes of Marley and Tosh, but we're not quite sure what he does for a living. Come October and November, you can catch him raking leaves along the Montgomery Avenue side of Palmer Cemetary.
  • Nolalover is DNA's trophy wife, who is doing her best to raise him right. She's a good-humored, good-natured southern woman who has a stockpile of pictures of herself in Mummer's outfits, even though she's only been in Philly for a little over a year. Must be something she picked up in the Big Easy.
  • Swally is the pugnacious genealogist from Scotland. From several thousand miles away, he's trying to track down all his Fishtown relatives from the past who lived on Orianna Street. Unfortunately, Orianna Street is not in Fishtown.

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Fishtown.US Rules & Tips

New to the website?Here's where most of the info is:

Please join in!


I wish rules weren't necessary, but we all have different expectations, so here goes...

  • Keep it G, or PG at most - no profanity or explicit violent or sexual content.
  • Do not use 'creative spelling' or alternate symbols to try to beat the profanity filter.
  • If you must debate, don't fight. Present your side of the argument, not an attack on the other person.
  • No name-calling or insults.
  • No hate speech, racist remarks, or promotion of discrimination based or race, ethnicity, sex, or religion.
  • the Events Calendar is intended for one-time or monthly events. It is not a place to post daily or weekly events.
  • do not create false accounts / personalities to post under


Before you post, ask yourself
"Is this true? What evidence do I have? Will this help or hurt?"
And when you read a post, remember that it's not necessarily accurate.

Fishtown.US reserves the right to delete or edit inflammatory or inaccurate posts.
However, that conveys no obligation to do so, and leaving a post unedited does not imply the accuracy of a post's conten, nor any agreement or endorsement of the content.


Why does this website exist? To serve the neighborhood of Fishtown!
(Fishtown here is defined generously to include not only the traditional core neighborhood, but surrounding areas of "Greater Fishtown", including East Kensington and Richmond.)

Here are some of the site priorities:

  • to inform people of what's happpening in Fishtown
  • to support Fishtown community organizations
  • to support Fishtown artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs
  • to encourage change for the better
  • to enhance dialog about the future of Fishtown
  • to be fun and entertaining


  • "recent posts" will help you find all the new content on the site since your last visit: forum posts, pictures, calendar events, etc.
  • "create content" will allow you to create all that stuff (new forum topics, pictures, calendar events, etc.) that you can find with "recent posts"
  • "my account" will let you add an avatar (a little picture/image which represents you). You can also change your password & email address, and add or edit your signature (a short piece of text added to the end of each of your posts on the site)
  • "Private Messages" lets you receive and send Private Messages to other users of the site.
  • changing "Comment viewing options", which can be near the bottom of almost every page, can radically change the order in which you see items appear. choose the order you like best.


How do I change my username?

Generally you don't. This option has been turned off to prevent abuse. If you feel a strong need to change your username, please PM dan.

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Adding things to the website (new forum topics, calendar events, pictures, etc.)

"create content" (in the menu to the left) is your best friend.

While there are other places throughout the website you can click to create new content, you can always add pictures, calendar events, weblinks, songs, and even new forum topics - all through using "create content".

So, have fun!

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Can't log onto server?

I have gotten a message several times that I can't log onto the server, and am not able to see the site.

Is this happening to anyone else?

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Snow emergancy declared. Move your car if it's on a snow route

You will be towed if you are on a snow emergency road.

City Activates Emergency Operations Center

Sunday, March 1, 2009

PHILADELPHIA, PA This evening, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, City of Philadelphia Managing Director Camille Cates Barnett, PhD and Streets Department Commissioner Clarena I. W. Tolson advised residents of the City s plans in anticipation of a significant snowfall affecting the City. Current forecasts predict 8-12 inches of snow accumulation, beginning Sunday night and ending around noon on Monday.

We are going to need the cooperation of residents to help us make our snow removal efforts effective, stated Managing Director Dr. Camille Cates Barnett. Our crews will do the best they can to remove snow in a timely manner, but illegally parked cars and illegal plowing of private lots on to public streets will hinder our ability to clear the roads, especially around some of the smaller streets in South Philadelphia.

The City will declare a Snow Emergency at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, which means all vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes must be moved to an alternate parking location. Any vehicle remaining on a Snow Emergency Route during the declared Snow Emergency will be ticketed and towed starting at 8:30 p.m. A list of snow emergency routes can be found at and is attached to this press release.

Streets Department crews need to be able to access streets , said Commissioner Tolson, who urged residents to follow the tips below for a successful snow and ice removal partnership.

Park your car at least 20 feet from the corner, as required by the state vehicle code. Cars parked too close to the corner limit the turning radius of salting and plowing vehicles.

The Police Department and the Philadelphia Parking Authority will be ticketing and towing illegally parked vehicles which can impede the snow removal operation starting at 8:30 p.m. this evening. If your car is towed, call 215-686-SNOW for its location. Do NOT call 911.

Do not shovel or plow snow into the street. This practice is illegal, and hampers our ability to effectively clear the roadways. Particularly with the anticipated freezing temperatures, placing snow in the street after it has been cleared will create dangerous icy patches, posing hazards to drivers and pedestrians.

While clearing snow from your car or property, please place snow in a safe place on your property so that snow mounds do not obstruct the cleared pathway.

Clear a sidewalk path at least 30 wide within 6 hours of the end of the storm.

Clear snow from neighborhood sewer drains to allow melting snow to drain.

Stay tuned to local media for updates.

Check on sick and elderly neighbors.

Commissioner Tolson said, We are urging residents to stay off the streets during the snowfall, if at all possible. The less traffic on city streets, the more effective our plow efforts will be. SEPTA will be operating and we urge citizens to use public transportation.

In addition, the City has a declared a Code Blue to provide additional support to the homeless. If you see a homeless person in need of assistance, please call the Homeless Outreach Coordination Center at 215-232-1984.

To coordinate the City s response to this Snow Emergency, the Managing Director s Office of Emergency Management has activated the City s Emergency Operations Center as of 6:00 p.m. Agencies in the Emergency Operations Center include: The Philadelphia Police Department, Fire Department, Streets Department, Public Property Department, Office of Fleet Management, Office of Support Housing, Fairmount Park Commission, Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Delaware River Port Authority, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Philadelphia Parking authority, Salivation Army, American red Cross, and PECO.

Dr. Barnett also reminded Philadelphians to take precautionary measures to protect themselves and their neighbors from injuries and accidents common in winter weather:

Warm up with some stretching exercises inside.

Start slowly and pace yourself. Shovel no more than five loads a minute; don't shovel for more than 15 minutes without taking a break. Pause to stretch every five minutes by standing up straight. Don't feel the job has to get done in one session.

Push the snow. Don't lift. If you must lift, use your legs not your back.

Drink during breaks to avoid dehydration.

Never throw over your shoulder. Twisting can strain the back.

Dress warmly in layers with a hat. Cover your neck.

Take smaller scoops of snow, keeping them light and small.

Take a break if you're beginning to sweat. Bodies lose heat faster in damp clothes, which makes you more prone to injury.

Don't smoke or eat a heavy meal before shoveling. It's harder on the heart.

Don't hold your breath; this makes your heart rate and blood pressure rise

In an emergency, call a doctor, or 911 for a medic unit, or go to an emergency room. Until medical help arrives, protect someone suffering from exposure to the cold with extra blankets and clothing.

For more winter weather preparedness information, visit
Managing Director Barnett indicated that the City of Philadelphia will be open for business on Monday and City employees should report to work as usual.

Sent through Philadelphia ReadyNotifyPA.
... powered by RSAN dba Cooper Notification.
You received this message because you registered on Philadelphia ReadyNotifyPA. To change your alerting preferences go to

Tell a friend/co-worker about Philadelphia ReadyNotifyPA! Forward this message to them and have them register for this free service at

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Hi All,new to the site.

Hi All,
New to this site, and having lots of questions :
- How do you post a new post ?
- How do you post pictures in a new gallery ?

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Deleting your own pictures in the image galleries...

...anyone know how you go about doing that? I'd like all of mine deleted.

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Ignore list...

Some of you will now find that other posters who you are bickering with are now on your ignore list. You'll also discover you can't edit your ignore list.

That is all. No discussion.

Those who find this objectionable can air their complaints and those who wish to continue their bickering with the people now on their ignore lists can use this other forum which needs many more members.

Incidentally, the next step after mutual ignore lists is the universal ignore list.
And really, how much of a point is there to posting something if nobody can see it?

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personal icon

I would like to know how to change my icon from the generic one generated to me to one of my own? Thank you!

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