Electrician Recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a good local electrician? I have some small work I'd like to get done in the next week or so. Thanks!

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what do you need done? my

what do you need done? my brother is an electrician

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Jack Flash rated high on

Jack Flash
rated high on Angies List
Has web site
His mother goes to St Ann's.
And advertises in the church paper.

Fast and neat.
Cash or check only unless things have changed

down side is estimates are over the phone
and they ONLY do what is discussed over the phone.

I have many friends and some relatives who are electricians and it is VERY hard to find a good one.
I have used J/F

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Another recommendation for

Another recommendation for Jack Flash. I grew up with Jack and Pat. they're great people who know their stuff and do better work than what's expected. I've used them for a few projects. They charge fair prices, too.

http://www.jackflashelectric.com/home.html 215 676 3575

You might want to check with qbert, too. Her fiance is an electrician who does stuff on the side.