Gas Furnace Duct help?

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Ok, I am not sure who to contact with this problem. I have some "issues" with my ductwork for my forced air gas heat system. The issues are causing a big air leak into the basement (and another into the crawl space).

I don't know if I contact a regular Heating and Cooling type co., or are there companies that specifically deal with ductwork? Any recommendations?

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i used to install ducks at

i used to install ducks at my dads contracting biz. he used to say that the best way was to put in the kind that is flexable. i would sugget to get some ducktape and some aluminim to fill in the gaps and just tape it right to the space taht you have to fill up. or just call a handyman and get the job done. good luck to you. let me know how it all comes together for you.

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I must disagree with Thad.

I must disagree with Thad. Flexible Duct is not a wise choice as the corrugations and bends will reduce air velocity. And never use duct tape. It is improperly named. If you need to tape up joints in ducts, use the silver foil tape specially made to seal ductwork.

Most heating contractors will fix ductwork as well. Sorry that I don't have a recommendation, though roma258's dad does HVAC work. I've met him and he's very helpful, but we haven't done business.

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It is certainly a bigger job

It is certainly a bigger job then aluminum foil and tape could fix! The problem is that basically, the furnace has a duct that runs into the old chimney(used instead of running ductwork up between the walls), which then has 2 vents (1st and 2nd floor). The chimney is deteriorating, and there is a huge gap between the chimney and the duct in the basement. So, I am paying to heat the basement, and not getting any warm air out of that chimney upstairs. Anyhow, it is beyond my diy capabilities.

Neil- is Roma's dad independent, or with a company?

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First I wouldn't use duct

First I wouldn't use duct tape. Its not recomended for duct work even though with a name duct tape you would think so. The name is misleading. Home depot and lowes sell a silver foil tape that is slightly elastic and rated at a few hundred degrees. You use this and rap it around each seam at where pieces join each other and any cracks or holes. This will reduece the heat loss and is something you can do your self. Just clean any dust off the joints so the tape sticks well.

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Flex duct sucks. As neal

Flex duct sucks. As neal said, the outer portion of the duct causes turbulence and air flow stinks. We are trying to fix this problem right now in a fishtown home that used flex for 20' runs!!!! Max is around 8'.