Keep Me in Your Prayers

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My Granfather just collapsed right in front of me. He's on the floor right now holding his chest- he thinks he's having a heart attack and wants me to call 911, but I thought it would be better to hop on the computer first and ask for some prayers before calling for an ambulence. So keep me in your prayers!--I'll keep you all updated

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Can you give us more

Can you give us more details, please?

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THAT'S HORRIBLE!!! But I'm an atheist, sorry.

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Help is on it's way!

Help is on it's way!

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That happened one time in

That happened one time in the frozen food section of Thriftway.

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Spiral's grandfather

Spiral's grandfather collapsed in the frozen foods section of Thriftway??? I thought he lives in West Virginia?

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There's a bunch of old men

There's a bunch of old men having heart attacks who hang out on my corner at night.

I've tried being nice to them, calling 911, and ignoring them. Nothing works.

I think gun control is the only solution.

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Heart Attack? Sounds like

Heart Attack? Sounds like another job for L&I.

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Does he have insurance?

Does he have insurance?