HVAC service question

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I found some old threads on this, but I was hoping for some current recommendations and advice. We have a now several years old furnace we have yet to get serviced. I've looked around online and can find recommendations from HVAC companies who say you should get service twice a year, but not much in the way of advice from people who don't make a living off of it. Twice a year seems excessive to me, but I'm not big on preventative maintenance...

My questions are- how often should you get your HVAC system serviced, and what should they do? And how much can I expect to spend?

Anyone have a company they like?


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Is your furnace gas or

Is your furnace gas or oil?

We have a maintenance contract through our oil company, and are very happy with their service. (I *think* they service twice per year, but it might only be once.)

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Sorry - it's gas. I should

Sorry - it's gas. I should have mentioned that.

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A winter check up will run

A winter check up will run about $150 bucks. They will clean all the burners, check the gauges, filter, start it up, bleed radiators etc... If any parts need replaced that would be invoiced. Usually you get a winter start up and cleaning and an A/C spring start up.

This is something my company offers if you want.