hopefully moving to the area

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hello all. glad to have found this forum. i have been looking to relocate to the fishtown area for the past year or so, just recently I have been more serious about it. i originally wanted to be right near girard and frankford but that seems a bit out of my range. I found a nifty place on the 2500 block of gaul near greensgrow...i believe that this is east kensington. I was hoping that you all could give me a bit of feedback on the area.

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That's "The Area People

That's "The Area People Can't Agree What Neighborhood It's Part of" - there have been many discussions on that.

Right now, there's a new community group serving that area which calls itself the Old Richmond Community Association. (They actually say "Olde", but I don't.)

I'm afraid I can't help you with details on that particular block.

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that is an excellent area ,

that is an excellent area , as good as any, if you can stand to be that far from the cultural center of the universe , one Johnny Brenda's. come on down, your the next contestant. vilkum !

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I live around the corner,

I live around the corner, but way around the corner at Cedar and Sergeant. I wouldn't hear any trouble way around the corner, but I'll be sure to ask my neighbors down the block about that hundred of Gaul. If there was anything bad though, I would have heard it. It seems pretty quiet to me. Parking of course is tough, but it is everywhere.

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Great block, great neighbors

Great block, great neighbors just don't leave your car unlocked. I have lived on the 2400 block of Cumberland St for 17 years any trouble there comes from outsiders. Welcome to Flat Iron / Cione / Old Richmond / Lower Richmond / NoYo / East Kensington / Gaul & Firth ...etc
Or just plain old WELCOME.

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Welcome. PattiMey nailed

Welcome. PattiMey nailed it. That's Flatiron, and you'd be fortunate to live in area with such a cool name. We're a stone's through away. It's cool.

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(chuckles at use of the term

(chuckles at use of the term noyo) (nyah nyah brooke)

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thanks for the responses!

thanks for the responses! sounds like I would have some pretty cool neighbors if i move in.

Pattimay, are there explanations for all the names for the area? Or is it just that everyone calls the area something different?

What makes the area so cool? I know greensgrow is there so thats a good thing. Looks like nodding heads (http://www.phillyblog.com/philly/fishtown-northern-liberties-kensington/44281-nodding-head-buying-walts-kaisers-memphis-cumberland.html#post584596) is moving in down the street, so thats kinda cool depending how you look at things. But what else makes the area?

could i walk from the 2500 block of gaul to public transportation and feel safe? I guess the york dauphin stop would be quite a haul. are there other good options in the area (bus / trolley)?

how do you all feel about being so close to the strip malls on aramingo? A matter of preference i guess.

i am renting in germantown at this time so i understand the issue with parking and locking cars, but generally feel safe in my neighborhood (that being said, i try not to walk around alone late at night if i do not have to). so i would def like my new neighborhood to be a fairly safe place.

Any more insight on the area would be greatly appreciated!

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About public trans--the 25

About public trans--the 25 bus (two blocks down on Memphis) will take you to the EL. About 5 blocks (?) east, you can catch the 15 trolley which will also take you to the EL. you can feel comfortable walking to either and feel very safe.

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beeglynn wrote: could i walk

beeglynn wrote:

could i walk from the 2500 block of gaul to public transportation and feel safe? I guess the york dauphin stop would be quite a haul. are there other good options in the area (bus / trolley)?

You could walk up to Memphis and get the 25 bus to the el or all the way to Ikea.
The 39 runs to the el on Huntingdon and from the el on Cumberland.

Or you could walk to Richmond and Cumberland and take the 43, the 15 or the 39.This area is pretty good for public transportation. and if you are in town and need to take a cab, I pay about $12 from 15th & Chestnut to Norris and Almond. Check out


for schedules and routes.

Donna Marie