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For my birthday, Nunzio gave me a day of beauty at Salon Blush on York. I got a manicure, pedicure, hair color and cut, facial and the best massage I have EVER gotten! I feel like a new, improved version of me (I know, how can you improve, right? LOL!!!) !!! Alana and her staff are so cool and professional...it was truly the best experience I have ever had at a salon and the prices are great. I'm not kidding - I am sold on them - I will be going back and taking my girls with me! And they are opening a barber shop next door...but guys - I highly recommend the pedicures...she is a magician with feet! YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR MAN CARD IF YOU GET A MANICURE OR PEDICURE, REALLY!!!!

Now I know what I want for every holiday, birthday etc. I plan on giving Salon Blush gift certificates for Christmas!

Alana and the girls are the best. I need to go to sleep now since I am so relaxed...happy birthday to me! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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Kat, you clinched it for me.

Kat, you clinched it for me. I'm finally going to make an appointment.

So glad you had a great birthday day of pampering. Happy, happy birthday! See you at the sidewalk sale tomorrow!

(Message to Nunzio--two thumbs up on the birthday gift! Great idea.)

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Wow, Thank you so much kat,

Wow, Thank you so much kat, it was a pleasure meeting you. The girls and I thought you are adorable , and your hair looks F A B U L O U S!!! Let me know how the skin care works for you, I love feedback, and I will see you soon for round 2 :)

Hope you and enjoyed your queen for a day treatment, and next time go ahead and have a glass of champagne. I Look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Wow, those are amazing

Wow, those are amazing prices. Highlights and facials...

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I heart Salon Blush too!

I heart Salon Blush too! Got my eyebrows done yesterday by Jen Vogt. She does an amazing job! It's so cute in there!

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I love Salon Blush also.

I love Salon Blush also. Back in early August my husband treated me to my first ever massage and facial. It was absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to go back!

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Awwwww.... I Feel the love

Awwwww.... I Feel the love .. :)