Independence Charter School

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Hey all!! I know it is early, but if you are looking for a school for your little ones next year ICS is accepting their applications for the 2008/2009 School year already!
They hold their lottery earlier than most Charter Schools, in the Fall as oppossed to the Spring and I think the deadline for applications in the end of October with the Lottery in the begining of November!
It is a lottery system, so even if you are not 100% sure you should put it in anyway, because once you miss the deadline, you can't change your mind, LIKE YOU WOULD if you child was in this school!!
We have been so happy with the school, the teachers, the programs!!
you can get the appplication from their website and learn more about the school, including their upcoming move to the Old Durham School building at 16th and Lombard!!

Good Luck!

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I've heard really good

I've heard really good things about this school, too...

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Get those appications inif

Get those appications inif intersted, the Lottery will be held, I think, next month..