Ralph's Barber Shop 2405 E YORK st

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We are opening soon!! YAY!!
We are getting the last few things together, painting, floor, pictures ETC. We are so pleased with how many people support Salon Blush, and cant wait to treat the men just as well :)

We will be offering:
Hot towel and shave
Male skin care
and anything else we can think of.

Cant wait to open!!!

Salon Blush Ralph's Barbershop
2407 E YORK st 2405 E YORK st
www.myspace.com/salonblush www.myspace.com/ralphsbarbershop

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Male skin care being offered

Male skin care being offered on York St. Wow. The times they are a changin'.

I heard your salon is great so I'm sure the barbershop will be done right too.

However, the essential question is will they be able to do a tight fade?? The ability to give a good fade is critical to the survival of ANY barbershop from Fishtown to the Great NE. I have faith you'll do it up right.

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Shut up, Diamonds...I know

Shut up, Diamonds...I know I'll see you in there gettin' a facial on opening day. ;)

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Now why would I need a

Now why would I need a facial with my natural healthy glow? ;)

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Hahahha... We have the right

Hahahha... We have the right staff, with experience, dont worry. Well, skin care meaning not just a bar of soap :) We will include shave creams, after shaves, acne cleansers, and just cater to men who do like all the bells and whistles. Hope to see you there!!

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Are you open yet?

Are you open yet?

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No Im sorry not yet, very

No Im sorry not yet, very very soon! Its almost done :)
However Salon Blush also caters to men, so come on in.