Yards Split

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Hey there,

I was just wondering if anyone knew how the split was going to effect the EKNA meeting space? Is the August 20 meeting still in place at the Brewery (no matter what the new name is)?

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I can't see any reason it

I can't see any reason it wouldn't be.

In fact, according to the article DNA linked to, Yards will continue to be brewed at the current brewery (under lease) until the end of the year.

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Plus, Nancy and Bill got the

Plus, Nancy and Bill got the brewery in the settlement, while Tom got the name and the recipes: Nancy and Bill are the ones who have been the big forces in the community connections that Yards has formed, so I'm sure that EKNA will be fine. PM me if you need Nancy's email to ask directly.

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It's up to Tom, who is now

It's up to Tom, who is now Yards. I got the impression ekna was welcome because Bill & Nancy were there for the meetings as well. If Tom has 2 months to finish up things and evacuate, well, he may not be as generous with his time. I dont know, but perhaps bill and nancy wont be in the building much until he is gone. If they're there, they've got other work to do, certainly not any Yards related work but maybe they'll be at the meeting- especially to announce to the community more info.