Construction Site at Sergeant and Trenton

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FYI, to anyone who lives in the area...

I just witnessed a guy trying to break into the trailer that is parked outside the construction site at the Southwest corner of Trenton and Sergeant. He was a large guy, under six foot, dark hair, dark shirt. He was with a blond woman, with a long ponytail and a white tanktop. He grabbed a pickax from the side of the backho and went to the other side of the trailer, where I couldn't see him. But I heard the "bang ching bang ching" sound of a pick ax hitting a lock.

I called 911 and when I came back outside, he was gone, but a bunch of kids were looking back at the scene. Three cops arrived and I walked over there. We found the pickax, and the fencing was all moved...and worst of all, the port-a-potty was tipped over. Ewwwwwwww!

Just wanted folks to know so we could all be on the lookout.

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Sounds like we all need to

Sounds like we all need to start carrying cameras.

Thanks for caring.


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This sounds like the couple

This sounds like the couple that have been trying to break into cars around this neck of the woods...

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jmminarik wrote:Sounds like

jmminarik wrote:
Sounds like we all need to start carrying cameras./quote]
Good idea. Just be discreet.

Here's another classy act that happened.

An elderly gentleman who lives 1/2 block away from us was taken away to the hospital last week. The very next night his car was broken into.