Anyone know any good and reliable A/C contractors?

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My Central A/C is not working... anyone know of any good, reliable, and cheap A/C contractors that I can call? I have one that I have used before, but I can't reach him, so I'm open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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John Neill and Sons on

John Neill and Sons on Girard: (215) 426-5880. They were polite, showed up on-time, worked quickly and cleanly, and cost about what I thought they would given the part that they needed to replace.

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I have central but we bought

I have central but we bought the PGW contract two years ago. It was well worth every penny.

Last summer, our AC stopped working. The repairman was there the same day, replaced the part (I think it was the compressor).

I called them another time to get the gunk out of the water tank and the drain hose.

Between the heater and the AC, the cost is $200 a year for the contract. I am sure that if I had a contractor the cost of the compressor, labor and the cleanout would have cost over $400.