Fishtown.US Rules & Tips

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New to the website?Here's where most of the info is:

Please join in!


I wish rules weren't necessary, but we all have different expectations, so here goes...

  • Keep it G, or PG at most - no profanity or explicit violent or sexual content.
  • Do not use 'creative spelling' or alternate symbols to try to beat the profanity filter.
  • If you must debate, don't fight. Present your side of the argument, not an attack on the other person.
  • No name-calling or insults.
  • No hate speech, racist remarks, or promotion of discrimination based or race, ethnicity, sex, or religion.
  • the Events Calendar is intended for one-time or monthly events. It is not a place to post daily or weekly events.
  • do not create false accounts / personalities to post under


Before you post, ask yourself
"Is this true? What evidence do I have? Will this help or hurt?"
And when you read a post, remember that it's not necessarily accurate.

Fishtown.US reserves the right to delete or edit inflammatory or inaccurate posts.
However, that conveys no obligation to do so, and leaving a post unedited does not imply the accuracy of a post's conten, nor any agreement or endorsement of the content.


Why does this website exist? To serve the neighborhood of Fishtown!
(Fishtown here is defined generously to include not only the traditional core neighborhood, but surrounding areas of "Greater Fishtown", including East Kensington and Richmond.)

Here are some of the site priorities:

  • to inform people of what's happpening in Fishtown
  • to support Fishtown community organizations
  • to support Fishtown artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs
  • to encourage change for the better
  • to enhance dialog about the future of Fishtown
  • to be fun and entertaining


  • "recent posts" will help you find all the new content on the site since your last visit: forum posts, pictures, calendar events, etc.
  • "create content" will allow you to create all that stuff (new forum topics, pictures, calendar events, etc.) that you can find with "recent posts"
  • "my account" will let you add an avatar (a little picture/image which represents you). You can also change your password & email address, and add or edit your signature (a short piece of text added to the end of each of your posts on the site)
  • "Private Messages" lets you receive and send Private Messages to other users of the site.
  • changing "Comment viewing options", which can be near the bottom of almost every page, can radically change the order in which you see items appear. choose the order you like best.


How do I change my username?

Generally you don't. This option has been turned off to prevent abuse. If you feel a strong need to change your username, please PM dan.

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I, too, witnessed that

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