School Spelling Bee

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I wanted to post this from a couple weeks ago, but my boys rocked at the school spellibg bee!
They have the regional bee for 6th grade and up, but our school also has the bee for kids in K-5, so they can participate!
Well, Benny did pretty well in the in the K round, he went a few turns but was eliminated by the word WENT, which he spelled WETN, not bad for Kindergarten, I think he landed 4th place out of, I think, the 19 who participated in his grade level.
Johnny also went a few rounds in the second grade portion, but stumbled on the word COUNTRY, but he was o-k with that considering that was a word for the "3rd grade list".
It is so nice to see them up there, just being a part of the school and doing things with all the regular kids :)
I think Johnny was ousted in like 13th place, out of, I think, 39 second graders.

I love my kids school!!!!