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Has anyone ever gotten their car done at the car wash on Frankford & Norris? Any idea on prices? I’ve always wanted to go there and support the business but it sketches me out for some reason.

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No i have never went there.I

No i have never went there.I always go to the car wash on Aramingo Avenue across from Shoprite, near the train tracks.

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I got my car washed there:

I got my car washed there: $8 for exterior wash only. And my car looked great! Not to mention that the kids loved riding through the blue strips...

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I use that relatively new

I use that relatively new place on Spring Garden around 11th street. They do a fantastic job inside and out and there's none of those plastic brushes than CAN scratch a finish despite the claims otherwise.

The drawback is that the place is really pricey---about 12 bucks for the basic wash.

Of course, IF I was the type to have cut out one of their coupons for a $5.95 wash when they opened...scan it into the computer...and print one out whenever I want to use it...I could save over 50% on the price.

But of course I would NEVER do something like that or suggest it to anybody else... :)

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I have gone there a few

I have gone there a few times and have had nothing but positive experiences. I would recommend it. The guys are nice and hard workers. They do have the brushes which can scratch your car but like I said, nothing but professionalism there.

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The Frankford and Norris

The Frankford and Norris carwash rocks!

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I like it okay. I get the

I like it okay. I get the deal where they do the tires, vacuum teh inside and clean the outside. With a tip, I pay about $20.

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Okay, unless you park in a

Okay, unless you park in a garage, who really cares about the brushes that scratch your car? We're way more likely hear to have other cars scratch our cars...I had both front and back bumpers repainted and within 1 day of parking on Spruce Street in Society Hill, both had significant paint scratching!

Anyway, that's good to hear about the place at Frankford and Norris--I've never been either but for $20, I think it's worth it for an inside and outside clean. My old garage in CC from when I practiced law did it for like $30 while I worked and it was totally worth it--however go figure they stopped doing it.

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