furnace & central a/c replacement recommendations?

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i'm considering replacing my furnace and central a/c units -- has anyone had any positive experiences with brands and/or dealers/installers?

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We have a GREAT guy who

We have a GREAT guy who installed our new furnace. You can email me at , if you want, and I can give you the information. He went straight to the dealer and got us a Crown brand furnace, which is supposedly a good brand with good quality. It has been running great for us and is supposedly more efficient than our old furnace, although we never ran that furnace so I can't really tell you if that claim is true. Anyway, he was a great price and an even greater guy...he knows his stuff, too.

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Assuming they're the same

Assuming they're the same company that makes 'Crown Boilers', Crown is a local Philadelphia company.

Not a recommendation, just pointing it out since we all love to buy locally and really have little opportunity to do so.

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