Tune Up and Oil Change?

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I am looking for a good local place to get a tune up and oil change, any suggestions?

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Garrison's is reliable and

Garrison's is reliable and 100% honest. I would certainly trust them to do a "tune up", which is a nebulous thing and can end up being a real ripoff in the wrong hands.

I have to confess that for an oil change alone we usually use the Jiffy Lube up on Aramingo, and have always found them to be honest and to do a good job. (They will, however, try to "upsell" you to whatever the recommended factory maintenance is and to things like annual radiator flushes, etc. You can decide if this is a good thing or not.)

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where is garrisons?

where is garrisons?

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Spiral wrote:where is

Spiral wrote:

where is garrisons?

2335 E Gordon St
on Gordon (in-between York and Dauphin)
just east (river side) of Memphis

The garage office is a little hard to see unless you're looking for it. It's in a rowhome, across the street from the garage, which looks like, well, a garage.

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We like Mike @ B&D Auto at

We like Mike @ B&D Auto at Belgrade and Dauphin, though we've not had a tune-up nor an oil change there...cars too new for most "tune-up" things and I change my own oil.


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I just saw this thread and I

I just saw this thread and I also want to recommend Garrison’s for any auto repair problem. I brought my car in this week and am so happy with their service. Now instead of dreading taking my car in, I’m looking forward to it. It’s rare to find mechanics that you trust and are actually happy to give your money to. Thanks to Nolalover for the recommendation!!!

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I go to south philly for all

I go to south philly for all my car work. I have a guy down there that is cheaper and better then any mechanic I've ever had.

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Oil change Joe at Palm

Oil change

Joe at Palm Auto, or Mike at BD. They are one guy operations, so it's tough to get an in and out oil change, but both do great work and seem like good guys.

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I have to give Mike at

I have to give Mike at Belgrade and Dauphin a great deal of credit for bailing me out a few months back when no other auto/tire repair places were open when I came out of Gamestop at 7pm and found a screw in one of my tires, and he fixed the flat for me on the spot, as I was racing around trying to find somewhere as air was oozing from my tire. I haven't needed to go back there for anything major (yet - *knocks on wood desk*), but if something came up, I think I'd hit there first.

For quarterly oil changes, I just do Jiffy Lube on Aramingo.