Contractor Recommendation to replace main water pipe

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any recommendations for a plumber to replace the main water pipe to the house? mine hasn't cracked yet but i'd rather not wait. and, since the sidewalk needs to be ripped up, could this person also replace the sewer pipe?
does the plumber typically have a concrete contractor that they use for the sidewalk rip-up / repave or is that "on your own"?
contractor must be licensed / insured.
estimates would also be appreciated.

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Dearest Guesswho, I will

Dearest Guesswho, I will call you and give you the plumber's name that worked on my house and just did my friend's house on Tulip...who had the same issue but hers collapsed requiring it immediately. He's very anal and does things beyond what the code requires.

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I don't have any one to

I don't have any one to recommend but I would recommend getting three estimates and looking them up on Philadelphia Better Business Bureau.