Faith ’N’ Works - a Christian Based Recovery Program

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Faith ’N’ Works

Christian-based Recovery Program

Fridays @ 7pm
Summerfield Church
Konrad Square / E. Dauphin & Tulip

starts Friday, May 5th
please note that that initially the program will be for men only,
although we hope to expand to women’s groups when we have more leaders

Faith’N’Works is a recovery meeting for those struggling with substance abuse. Many recovery programs out there use a 12-step program as a solution. What they don’t tell you is the 12 steps come from the Beatitudes of Christ. The same Jesus that performed miracles thousands of years ago is still saving people today.

We are all God’s children, but some of us lost contact with the Father at some point in our lives. Christ came to teach us how to have a close relationship with the Father. Faith “N” Works helps people to know Jesus and adopt Christ-like principles in their lives. If you or someone you know is interested please contact Josh Vorbau @ 215-756-4761.

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I read the beatitudes and

I read the beatitudes and the twelve steps and I can't say I agree with you that they are somehow connected.Care to elaborate?Because twelve step programs are spiritual not religious based.

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First, a quick clarification

First, a quick clarification - I didn't write the above announcement, Josh did.

That said, here's my brief understanding:
The 12 steps were derived from the Four Absolutes (also known as The Four Principles, The Four Standards, The Moral Test, and a few other names) which came to AA from the Oxford Group - in a variety of ways, but especially through the influence of Anne Smith, Dr. Bob's wife. The 4 Absolutes were derived from the Beatitudes. (That's a little oversimplification, because multiple sources were used to derive the 12 steps.)

I'm not an AA historian, so I can't vouch for the above version. However, I can vouch for the fact that AA had its roots in Christian faith. The documentation of this is overwhelming, including in AA's own publications - especially Anne Smith's Journal.

However, I'm not here to debate anything. I just want to let folks know that there is a new program starting for folks interested in a 12-step program specifically rooted in faith in Jesus.


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Thank you for the info.

Thank you for the info.

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Bump. -Joe -- Arctic Splash!


Arctic Splash! Approved pre-sweetened beverage of Fishtown Litterbugs.

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Thanks for the bump, Joe! It

Thanks for the bump, Joe!

It was a great kickoff tonight.

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