Permit for Electrical work?

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My husband and I recently moved into Fishtown and need to have some electrical work completed. We have hired an electrician to complete the project for us. Is there a procedure that must be followed before and/or after the project is competed (i.e. permit)?

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Permit for Electrical work?

Hi Tami,

First, welcome to the boards. Feel free to introduce yourself, or not, in the introductions forum.

Secondly, don't be surprised if Dan moves this to one of the other forums.

Thirdly, to answer your question, it depends on what you are having done. If you're hiring a licensed contractor, they would/should be able to tell you if you need permits.


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Permit included

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your response! We contacted license contractor again and they stated that they will obtain all require permits required for the project.

I will also take a look at the introductions forum.

Thanks again Joe,