Reputable Used Car Dealers?

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I know that's seems like an oxymoron, but there are so many used car dealers in the neighborhood & beyond, somebody must be buying from them. Any experience with Lou Wolf, or anywhere else in the city?*

p.s. alternately if anyone has a line on a compact-economy size car, less than 10 years old, with fewer than 100k miles, for less than $5K, please PM or email me.

*please don't bother if it has to do with pizza/banking (you know who you are).

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Reputable Used Car Dealers? line on a car.

We've never bought from Lou. We've looked a few times but the cars that were priced where I noticed all wound up getting one black mark or another in a Major Consumer Reporting magazine. Might explain the price being so low.

Maybe I'm just honest looking or something, but the handful of times I've wanted to test drive one of the cars, they handed me the keys and let me drive off without a salesman at least 3 times. *shrug*

Lou's cars are always excruciatingly clean. Take that for what it's worth. I know one of the old men used to take his car there to have the engine steam cleaned (back when he was still driving that is).

There are a number of cars in the neighborhood with Lou's emblem pasted on the back and he's been there for a while. You can tell since the original shop still has the RE-9 telephone number printed on the sign (and the place has been in the neighborhood before I entered it). With a lack of any other data, longevity in business must be considered as at least neutral, if not a positive.

If you've not found it, is a decent place on-line to get reviews and regional pricing on used cars.

Good luck.

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Reputable Used Car Dealers?

I got my car at Plasant Motors on Frankford Ave (I think near Tyson) in Mayfair. So did my Dad and brother. Family owned and run business. I'll go there every time. They always seem to carry good cars, so they never really try to "sell" you. Anyways, I would go back to those guys time and time again.