electrician needed

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Re: electrician needed

[quote="snailgem"]Anyone can reccomend a good electrician?[/quote]
We've worked with a few.
One did a really bad job.
One did an okay job.
One did a good job.
Unfortunately, I don't remember which was which!

However, I'll try to remember to ask my wife. I think she'll remember who's who.

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electrician needed


I hired Affordable Electric to put in a new 100amp service at our house. They came really quickly (that same day as I remember) and did pretty good work. We were still experiencing some flickering lights and I had to have them back a second time -- they showed up the next day and it turned out we needed a new service line run from the pole. Tom is the guy who did our work, and the owner's name is Marty.

If you haven't already had the work done, their website is at [url]www.affordableelectric.com[/url]. If you go with them, tell them Joe with the ferrets sent you!

--Joe (with the ferrets) :lol: [/url]

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electrician needed

My coworker's husband has his own electric business and has done some work for us. Let me know if you want his number.

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electrician needed

Thanks everybody for the recommendations.

I actually did find someone, who was good professionally, honest, flexible and cheap (he charged half of what another company wanted to charge me for the same job).

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs electrical work done.

(PM me and I'll give you his contacts)

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electrician needed

I have a good electrician should anyone need one in the future as well that was really reasonable and trustworthy (my dog loved him and spent a few days with him!). What I do recommend is not letting them personally patch ANY holes they put in walls. Apparently in the contracting industry it's a well known fact that electricians should never be trusted with spackle.

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electrician needed

I also have used Affordable a few times over the years. I was very happy with their work. They are reliable and come out right away and when they say they will be there. I found their prices to be reasonable. I had lines put in from outside and a new circuit breaker put in.

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electrician needed

I called Affordable Electric on Friday regarding having 2 new lines run to 2 bedrooms. Not an emergency situation. Called me at 7:30 A.M. Saturday morning about coming to do the job. Told me there would be a $60 charge to come out, that would be included in the job. Also, only cash or credit cards-no checks. Requested an estimate over the phone which they could not provide. Told them not to bother coming. Very unprofessional outfit.

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Electrician needed!


I need an electrician too.

Anybody have any additional recommendations?