Humpday Hootenanny for all ages

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Contact: Michelle Pauls


Are you feeling rundown? Does the current economic crisis have you in a tailspin? Having trouble keeping up the payments on that Mini Cooper?

Don't fret. Relief is just moments away at the Walking Fish Theatre's new "Hump Day Hootenanny"!

Yes, for a small donation of your time, you can perform a song or three in front of other like-minded people looking for cheap entertainment, free from the noises and the smells of the typical open mics at the local bar.

All you need to do is come to the Walking Fish Theatre at 2509 Frankford Ave on Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00pm. Bring your acoustic guitar or any other acoustic instruments, sign the sign up sheet, have your songs prepared (covers or originals, it doesn't matter), and play to an attentive audience. And that's pretty much it. Be sure to enjoy the available refreshments and donate to the Walking Fish Theatre's building fund.

Where? Walking Fish Theatre, which is conveniently located at 2509 Frankford Ave in beautiful Kensington. Visit for directions and more information. The phone number is 215-427-WALK.

When? Wednesday March 25th at 7pm. And then the last Wednesday of every month until June.

Why? Because people have talent and would like a place to play that does not require them to play over the Eagles, Phillies, or Flyers game.

Who can attend? Everybody, this is open to all ages and all skill levels.

What can I bring? Any instrument as long as it does not require amplification. So leave your new "Road Worn" Telecaster and Vox AC30 at home. And, no drum kits. Hand percussion is fine. So are keyboards