LOST! Hall of Fame Safety. PLEASE HELP FIND!

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Uhhhh, Eagles fans, are you snowed in? Don't know if you noticed, but B'Dawk has flown the coop, trading in Eagles Green for George Washington Green.

Talent-wise, I think we'll be OK. I think we have the players to step in and fill the void left by B'Dawk. Leadership-wise and Locker Room-wise, it's not even close. We lost, and we lost big.

Talk to the teams that overcame struggles during the season to win the Superbowl. They'll all talk about the atmosphere in the locker room, and how certain players stepped up and kept the team together. There's no one there now to do that for the Eagles. Donovan? I don't think so. It's not his style. Brian Westbrook? Possibly, but it would be a quiet and nurturing style that may not fly. Sheldon Brown? Possibly, but like Westbrook, he's not fiery. Asante Samuel can bring the fire, but he's got too much showboat and self-indulgence to pull it off as oriented toward the team, like B'Dawk could.

I think Andy miscalculated here. The problem is that B'Dawk brought something that can't be measured, so Andy never saw it in his spreadsheet of tackles, sacks, interceptions, and broken-up passes. Excel doesn't have a formula for measuring leadership and locker room stability.

I also think it's further evidence that the players are frustrated with management's close-to-the-vest, numbers crunching, controlled message style. They want some guts. Some instinct. Some common sense about fundamentals. Some of that old-fashioned, "Tell It Like It Is". They're tired of being "Yes Men" thrown into battle with a general who consistently makes tactical errors at crucial moments. I'm talking about Andy here, not Donovan, although they have both enabled each other.

At this point, my guess is that if we play consistently and win and don't get into a rut or suffer an embarrassing loss, we'll be OK. But, if there is one moment this season where real leadership is needed to keep the team on track, which only B'Dawk was able to provide last season, we're toast.

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WE need a time machine to

WE need a time machine to find him . I wanna know when people will talk about denver extremly overpaying for him and we gave him a fair offer for a two down S .