My Lenten season; Simmer would be proud

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Our girls take the Lenten season of sacrifice and good will seriously. They really set an example. They can't be bothered with sacrificing things that they'll never miss. For instance, one year, Betty gave up pizza for Lent, which completely threw a wrench in the Friday night pizza routine, at the most important time of year for eating pizza on Friday. This year, Betty gave up seltzer water (believe it or not, she really enjoys it) and Claire gave up chocolate. These kids are on the Varsity team of Lenten practitioners.

So, the girls and I were driving home one night last week, talking about Lent and arguing about what to listen to on the radio. Claire wanted Radio Disney. Betty wanted Q102. I wanted WMGK, because it was around 7:00pm and that's when they Get the Led Out. Claire then had the audacity to suggest that I give up Led Zeppelin for Lent. What a ludicrous suggestion. "Never in a million years", I said! I should keep her in for a week for even thinking it. A pox upon her vocal cords!

But then, Hey Hey What Could I Do? How could I say no? She gave up chocolate, for crying out loud.

So, on several occasions since then, I have had to change the station when Led Zeppelin comes on. It's a Heartbreaker. But When the Levee Breaks and Jesus rises from the dead and exits his tomb to Bring It On Home to the Houses of the Holy, I will Boogie With Stu. It will be Celebration Day. In the Evening, I'll be doing the Bron Yr Aur Stomp, Down By the Seaside. Hmmph! The Ocean, Over the Hills and Far Away, it doesn't matter. That's the Way I'll Ramble On.

Thank You, Claire, you Hot Dog. But, then again, It's Nobody's Fault but Mine. She's my daughter.

Simmer would be proud.

What are you all doing for Lent?

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I'm working.

I'm working. :dontknow:

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Or you could give up wearing

Or you could give up wearing Kat's Cashmere sweaters. Personally I think you should give up NASCAR.

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I gave up Facebook, and am

I gave up Facebook, and am using the time I save to read Frederick Buechner and Martin Luther.

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God for Claire. Good for

God for Claire. Good for you. What a great example you and Kat set.

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Quote:OMG! Italy Catholics


OMG! Italy Catholics asked not to text during Lent

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I've given up giving up

I've given up giving up things. It's hard, but I'm going to try to not give up.

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I gave up religion for lent

I gave up religion for lent 30 years ago. And haven't cheated once on that sacrifice.

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I wish a lot more people

I wish a lot more people would give up on religion.