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I am not totally against gaming

I will buy lottery tickets when the prize is big

I find the Nevada gaming halls can be very entertaining even though I don't partake in the games

I enjoy the races

However .. To anyone who thinks that gaming will save our city, I totally disagree

As to the locations that have been chosen in the Philadelphia area ...

They really stink.

If you think gaming is our financial savior read on

OH remember that housing is at it's worst in the Las Vegas Valley. ... Lucky for me as I house hunt. LOLOLOLOL


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You're right. One of my

You're right. One of my coworkers covers casino stocks and they are pretty much all in trouble, between customers having no income to spend and big mortgages for their casinos to be paid. Boyd and MGM are in the same situation as Station: doubtful they can continue as going concerns.

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millions is extra revenue is

millions is extra revenue is a bad thing ?? it might not be the savior but it damn* sure will help

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n't want to kdubs215

n't want to

kdubs215 wrote:

millions is extra revenue is a bad thing ?? it might not be the savior but it damn* sure will help

So, the revenue from the Casino's help us,??? personally i dont want to be helped by someone elses pain, addiction etc.

I just don't want to benefit from someone elses suffering..............

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Millions ???? Sounds

Millions ????
Sounds great.

Do you have the figures on the cost of city services to the casinos ?

Those monies needs to be deducted from the revenues before you can start.


Don't forget the tax revenues lost as my home and others lose value.I will sell before I lose a dime. Undermarket if needed.

I can guarentee I will protest my value if there is a casino built on the former sugar processing site. I feel confident, I am not alone in this thought.

Get on the free bus to AC and get your roll of quarters.
Then take a walk around the area.
Within the few blocks near the casinos it is rather slum like.
Yes, it was not great before casinos, I do however think it is worse than before casinos. AC casinos were to be the savior of the town.
This did not happen.
It is the same in the ajacent area Las Vegas.
Go to Harrah's in Chester ... it is not in a residential area.
It is ajacent to a prison in an industrial area.
I have been to both ... Yes, to AC before casinos.

Address those great jobs ....

Construction is union.
Union workers live in the suburbs or NJ, for the most.
Laborors are often illegals ... they work at night.
Minorities are used for picketing.

Cooks, dishwashers, cleaners and a few car jockeys
They are being laid off all over the casino industry
Management jobs require experience.
To have this, the workers will need to come from other casinos.
We do not have these workers living in Fishtown.
Workers will need to get to work.
Public transportation does not match the work schedules.
Workers will drive ... no matter what the casinos claim.
In the plan ... parking is last on the list.
I suspect it will go to guests before workers.
Remember they are saying workers will take the bus ... LOL.
I'll take the odds on them driving.

More on jobs.
A job is a "hire" in government speak.
Even if they work one day.
Like a painters aprentice, if they are a registered minority, it's a "twofer".
I have seen this one with my own eyes.
Is there any information as to how many full time jobs the casino will require on a daily basis ?
If they are not full time, they are not eligable for benefits.
Thus becoming part of the working poor.
This means people working a series of part time positions without benefits.
Just paying the bills. Will they require Access? Medicaid ? Earned income tax credits ?

One of the recent articles in the Las Vegas paper indicated workers will need casino specific education. Where will the workers get that ?

As I had stated, I am not against gaming, responsibly.
I don't wish to take on the job of legislating adult behavior beyond "crime".
All the behaviors that most of society deem an underclass will occur.
As it has since the beginning of people.

I don't wish to live and be mixed in the chum that feeds this activity.

As a Final note ... I will be at the M Resort and Casino in Henderson NV on Friday.
Before they cull 30 to 40 % of the "opening" staff.
And they will, by June, when they have every one trained reguardless of the economy. It is how "hospitality" functions.