Lost dog- pit bull

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This was posted as a bulletin on MySpace...

Feb 26, 2009 12:39 PM
Subject: LOST DOG- Fishtown AREA (Philly)

Body: This is one of our fellow volunteers dog! Please help bring him home.

He is a failed foster dog from PAWS. Fred is a Pit Bull Mix who has a slim built and freckles on his face. He also has a broken tale so it's crooked and he has some hair loss on his back due to some kind of burn that happen to him by who ever had him before Susette got him. Fred is a very sweet dog and he would go to anyone. He gets along with other dogs & cats. Please if you see him let us know. Suzette will be going to ACCT to fill out a lost dog report.

Say a prayer for her that Fred comes home safe please!
please message me if you know his whereabouts.


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Any News on Fred?

Any News on Fred?

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what area was he last seen?

what area was he last seen?

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I seen a mixed pitbull last

I seen a mixed pitbull last week around 2 in the morning turning off palmer to memphis. I was in my truck.He had a collar. I went around the corner to try and see where he was to try and get a look at his collar for a tag but I couldnt find him. I usually take my puppy for a quick walk but i didn't because I was worried about the pitbull roaming around.

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Fred is still missing-please keep an eye out for him.