Canceling YMCA Membership...Info please!

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My husband signed up for a YMCA membership in Ardmore yesterday (Sunday). He wants to cancel it now though. He paid a $100 sign up fee. Can he get the sign up fee back? A worker at the Y says no, but their manager wasn't in at the time. I thought in PA there was a 3 day right to cancel and I hope that includes getting the sign up fee back. Anyone have info?

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Interesting question. Yes,

Interesting question.

Yes, Pennsylvania has a three day "cooling off" period in which the contract with a health club can be cancelled.

However, the YMCA is not a commercial health club, but a non-profit membership organization.

I wonder if that "sign up fee" is actually a YMCA membership fee.

Note in all of this that I'm not giving you a yes-or-no answer. I don't know.
I'm just saying it raises some interesting questions.

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I am sure if you get on the

I am sure if you get on the phone with the manager you can talk your way into a reimbursement. If not- ask for the regional managers contact information. Make sure you write down names of everyone you speak to and keep asking for the next higher up until you get the response you want.

It is also helpful to be extra nice and patient in these situations but also firm. Explain that your husband made a mistake (or make him explain it) and that you want the refund. You can also say very cheerfully how you are very active in your neighborhood and will gladly mention how nice and helpful the services are on public forums and community meetings at this YMCA if your request is fullfilled. You don't need to threaten the bad publicity but it is always an option.

Good luck!

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I am not necessarily a fan

I am not necessarily a fan or follower of Oprah, but I heard her once say, and truer words have never been spoken...
"Don't deal with someone who does not have the power to give you what you want." Of course, do not be rude, but like Teener said, work your way up until your speaking to the person who can give you a refund.

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I got the refund! My

I got the refund! My Albanian (known for being cheap and bargaining) husband couldn't get it but I did! I still don't know if the law applies to YMCA. I could have just gotten a nice manager but I did mention the law.